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Online Spiritual Courses

Deepen your Spirituality and connection to your Angels. Enhance your daily life with one of my online spiritual courses!

Whether you’re just starting to grow spiritual practice and working with your team of Angels or wanting to utilize and connect to your gifts you can find the connection you are longing for at your fingertips.

The courses are all created with Divine wisdom, guidance and love, you will experience Divine healing energy from the comfort of your own home.


You Have One Life, Live It Happy!

Meditation 101


Building a successful meditation practice requires a commitment to yourself. Each of us has the pure potential to build a solid foundation of living well.
If you have ever wanted to find that calm state of being and hear your inner guidance, but didn’t know where to start -You are not alone.



Finding the value in who we are comes from an understanding of our soul-self.  Understanding of our soul comes from healing the “things” that block our internal energy. The “things” that block our God light, which is the truth of who we are energetically.



Our worth comes into play every time we are faced with choosing to put a dollar amount to our well-being.

This course if for you if you:
Feel drained physically and Spiritually.
Feel your life out of balance and are you living with lack.
Are searching for your life’s meaning and purpose.



In this workshop, I am going to help you to break down and understand what exactly is blocking your abundance and joy.

This workshop is not about changing who you are. It is going to guide you to move through your blocks, pains and negative habits in order to heal what no longer serves you.

Transcending  pain is the only you will ever experience true abundance.


Gain Divine clarity and confidence in yourself.

This workshop teaches and supports you to open up your senses. Using this heightened awareness, you can deepen your connection to your soul-self.

You will then take that connection to your soul-self and begin implementing the cool new tools you will learn within the workshop in a fun, intuitive and interactive way.

Angel's Membership


The Angel Membership Is For You If…
Want to be Spiritually awakened and aligned.
You believe in Angels.
You now hearing from your departed loved ones will improve your life.
You have a desire to thrive in your life, not just survive.
If you are willing to spread love & kindness.



Begin your Goddess Journey with this transformational meditation. During this practice you will learn how to breathe through your blocks and enhance your gifts and talents.

This is a wonderful practice to help you on your journey to healing and connecting with your soul-self.

Desire More?

Open yourself up to a higher perspective, learning new skills and such, to grow. Spiritual growth comes from our dedication to ourselves and in doing our “you work”. Take the time to invest in it, or we will end up feeling lost within our lives.