Living the Life of Our Dreams, Feeling Valuable, Great Callers and Stories!

Apr 3, 2018

Living the life of our dreams, Jeanne’s theme tonight.  She shares some insight into her life and she got to this point.  It is a great story about growth and her journey.  She interesting readings to share.  The angels will guide her to the most needy person in a group reading.  Jeanne was drawn to a woman so listen to find out what happened!  She also talks about a reading at Inspirit Healing Studio recently about letting go and how the angel turned to her!  What?!?!  Must listen!  Jeanne tells us how to feel valuable to get past things blocking our dreams.

Callers – Vanessa, CT, calls to share a success story from a reading with Jeanne in 2015.  WOW!  Also looking for some guidance with some difficulties in her life.  Her mother has some guidance for her.  Noel, MA, wants to connect to her grandmother Alice.  Organizing chaos?  A message for all of us!  Kevin – Staten Island! – looking for a message from his parents who passed while early in his life.  Art show?  Jessica, CT, feeling stagnant and looking for some guidance.  Jeanne sees a block and tells how to remove it.

Wellness tip – Breathing, Stretching and Yoga – helps you to be one with yourself, helps open you for messages, if the angels speak – listen!

Events – Goddess Workshop (April 7th), Goddess You Immersion (September 29th).
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