Oct 30, 2018

Jeanne has an amazing show for you. First, an offer for 1st time callers and it runs through November, Julie is our first winner. Jeanne does a card reading from the Mother Mary deck – Our Lady of Creative Thinking – you will love it. Novena – series of prayers – Jeanne explains how she is going to guide us through prayers and our awareness as it is needed to release the painful energy within us. Special call from Celeste Amann,, search “Love….everywhere.” on Facebook. You need to hear how she is spreading love across the world. Jeanne tries to remember a song by The Byrds. She almost sings!

Callers! Ranella, GA, called to update Jeanne on her YOU work and hoped to connect to her father, what a beautiful message, tissue alert; Julie, CT, lost her father and wanted to connect, it will make you smile!; Susan, CT, called about the water card, ring? off?

Wellness tip – Spiritual book club coming at you! Listen for the details.

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Listen to Jeanne explain what the 12 principles will do for you.

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