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Angel Meditation Series

I’m so happy you’re here!

You are a magical soul capable of healing your greatest source of pain with Angelic guidance.

Inside this Angel Meditation series you will find yummy nuggets of Divine truths from Heaven that will lead you to experience your own greatness, deepen your spirituality, enhance your gifts and align you with your Angels. 

Get ready to feel embraced by love, enlightened and connected to your Angels and departed loved ones.

These meditations are  filled with Spirit’s inspiring messages, guidance and Divine love that will support you living your miraculous life.  


xx Jeanne

Sacred Beginnings

Session 1

In this first meditation of the series, I will guide you with mindful techniques that will start building your healthy foundation for your Angel Meditation practice.

You will feel uplifted and filled with love with the beautiful guided meditation.

 Aligning With Your Angels, & Divine Energy

Session 2

Welcome to the second meditation!

This unique guided Angel Yoga Nidra meditation will not only relax you, it will open your energy centers for working with your Angels.

Your Highest Self & Life Path

Session 3

Unity With Your Divine

Session 4

Your Spiritual Team

Session 5

Infinite Expansion

Session 6

Continue Your Journey With The Angels!