Our beloved pets get their due tonight! Join for love shared for our family – our pets.

Jeanne was asked by the angels to talk about our furry and maybe not so furry family members, how each of them has impacted our lives in so many ways. For Jeanne, their pup Tank came to mind, Tank came to them out of the blue, and it was love at first sight for her hubby and Tank, an English Bulldog.  Jeanne tells about Joe, an English Mastiff, and his battle with cancer.  Angel Number 12 is strong tonight – Callers – Dyla lost her aunt Joyce 12 years ago, Billy called about Wrigley who passed 12 years ago and then Cynthia wanted to know about Missy who she lost about 12 years ago.  Casey and KJ also connect with their childhood pets.  Jeanne reminds us how these animals have souls and are here to teach us lessons.  She talks us through the guilt and mourning of the loss of these family members.  Jeanne understands how hard it can be and to release the guilt, start to talk about them, tell the stories and learn the lessons they came here to teach us.

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