Pain to Purpose – Road To Healing, Shilajit, So Many Callers!!

Pain to Purpose – Road to Healing.  Jeanne’s meditation gave her tonight’s topic.  The callers quickly confirm it is something we all need help to heal.  Pain can consume, victimize and rob a person of love.  2018 is the time for love and the time to rise up.  Time is now for the healing.  Jeanne gives great energy to night to help everyone on their road to healing.  A must listen to help on your journey for 2018.

Callers! OMG!  Right at the start of the show Jeanne had people in need.  Marlinda, from Florida, called in great pain due to the loss of her son Nicholas.  Grab tissues, your heart will go out to her.  Megan, from Massachusetts, asked for some divine guidance about her path and relationship.  Jeanne tells Megan to stand up for herself in love and not to give up on what she wants, this is not selfish, and much more!  K’Rina, from Connecticut, called and her Grandmother immediately chimed in!  Hear the message she has for K’Rina, some advice for all of us.  Kayla, from Michigan, called about her great uncle Roger.  Kayla has a special gift and Jeanne offers help.

Nutritional tip – Shilajit – Ayurvedic, brain boosting, hormone balancing, aids in breaking addictions and so much more!  It can have side effects so educate yourself please!  Reach out to a Ayurvedic healer for assistance.

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