Part II – LIVE! Special Group Reading from Inspirit – Guilt, Depression, TMS Diagnosis

Jeanne continues around the room with the live group reading.  The invitation went out for people to sign up.  The room filled up with very special people, all looking for their own message.  After a short break, Jeanne continues to go around the room having conversations with each person.  Jeanne works to connect them with spirit and connect them with their loved ones.  Leslie is a first timer, she has some doubt.  Jeanne connects her to father and son, Donovan.  Donovan had Down’s Syndrome and passed suddenly from a brain tumor.  Samantha feeling off balance, an empath, feeling some depression, surrounded by addiction, experiencing self torture.  Jeanne moves to Susan who is looking for something to calm her down and has experienced life long trauma.  Paul is their with his wife Corrine and Jeanne feels a pit in his stomach and anxiety because of his wanting to help her with her problem.  Lastly Jeanne turns to Corrine who is experiencing auto immune and a TMS diagnosis.  Corrine feels she may astro travel (astral projection) in her sleep.  Jeanne says her recent break through with a support group is making great strides in helping her rewire the brain to remove the childhood trauma.  Jeanne goes back around the room answering questions.  Please enjoy the second half of the live group reading and we will be back in the studio next week.

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