$1,111.00 / month for 12 months


The Angel Mastery is a supportive gathering of like minded people who come together to learn, grow, heal, connect and expand. 

Step into your Angel Healer lifestyle with confidence and ease by continuing this journey inside the Angel Healer Mastery training and year long mentorship program.

Each month I will dive into a new topic and you will expand your knowledge, gifts and energy into the veil & receive all the yumminess that God has intended for you. 

Inside the monthly practical sessions you will receive and deliver personal guidance, healing energy  & messages. . 

Here are the yummy details:

  • We will spend 12 months together 
  •  24 -90 Min virtual sessions – we meet on the first and third thursday of the month. 
  • Member portal with access to replay’s & bonus content
  • Emails
  • Private Facebook & Voxer Group
  • In-Person Retreat Summer 2023 TBA
  • Accountability partner to support and help you stayed focused
  • Next level practical experiences 
  • Angel Healer Mastery Certification 




2023 TOPICS- keep in mind these are not set in stone- we leave room for God to adjust! 

Dec Session 1:   Mediumship – Basics & beyond 

Session 2: Follow upPractical 

Jan  Session 3: Mediumship – Levels of connection

Session 4:Follow upPractical  

Feb Session 5: Mediumship – Your link to Heaven

Session 6: Follow upPractical 

March Session 7: Channeling – Forms & methods

Session 8: Follow upPractical 

April Session 9: Channeling – Physical & Emotional aspects

Session 10: Follow upPractical 

May Session 11: Channeling – Holy beings

Session 12: Follow upPractical 

June  2-Day In- Person MASTERY RETREAT

July Session 15: Reading the Aura

Session 16: Follow upPractical 

August Session 17: Lightroom expansion

Session 18: Follow upPractical 

Sept Session 19: Co-creating

Session 20: Follow upPractical 

Oct Session 21: Soul Legacy- working your light

Session 22: Follow upPractical 

Nov Session 23: Expanding your vision- reaching beyond the physical 

Session 24:Follow up Practical