Angel Healer Training In Person NOVEMBER 4-6TH


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Angel Healer Training
NOVEMBER 4th & 5th

Angel Healer Immersive

In person three day workshop
At: The Angel Cooperative
51 Ethan Allen Highway
Ridgefield, Ct 06877

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Angel Healer Training
NOVEMBER 4th & 5th

Angel Healer Immersive

At: The Angel Cooperative
51 Ethan Allen Highway
Ridgefield, Ct 06877

Spiritual leaders understand the importance of aligning with the Divine for living authentically and sharing their gifts with others. No matter what field of work you are in with Jeanne’s Angel Healer Training you will balance your emotional energy to trust your intuition and learn her God-Based method for working with your extra sensory gifts. 

Jeanne Street has created an advanced professional program, perfect for those who want to develop their intuitive and connection skills for working with Divine energy. It is the perfect way to deepen your skillset, expand upon your current profession, or for your personal soul expansion.


You will learn the essentials of healing work and practical applications with:

  • Soul Scanning- How to: scan the person you are working with and release energy cords.
  • Channeling- How to: effectively clear space and open and close the connection between sessions.
  • Messaging- How to: automatic write and note take while in session and how to ask Spirit for more details

This miraculous God- Based training also includes:

  • Practical experiences
  • Guided meditations
  • An Angel Healer Attunement
  • Certification

You also receive the online course:

  • Lifetime access to all the digital trainings and resources
  • Downloadable content and workbooks
  • Discounts on future AH trainings
  • A members only Angel Healer Facebook group
  • Access to all future trainings and added content


In this training you will tap into your soul’s truth and raise your awareness and vibration as you illuminate your inner light with confidence and ease. 

Bonus Training

Angel Healer Immersive – In this one day workshop you will further develop and expand your spiritual gifts. You will learn the ins and outs of how to safely connect to Heaven in a sacred space that is nurturing and expansion oriented. 


What you’ll experience, learn and receive:

  • A Sacred Space to cultivate and expand your gifts
  • Learn my God-based method for channeling messages and healing energy from the Divine
  • Guided instruction with support from my Heavenly and earthly Angel team
  • How to work with your client’s Akashic records 
  • Guided meditation to your Lightroom in heaven
  • Practical partner experiences
  • Certification


Angel Healer Training is right for you if…

  • You want to better understand what your gifts are and how to open them with a safe God-Based method.
  • You want a certification program that is love-based and focuses on morals and compassion for humanity.
  • You want the skills and confidence to share your gifts with others.
  • You want to feel aligned, awakened and unwavering in your gifts.
  • You want to take your current work in this world to the next level.
  • You are uncertain of your next right steps.
  • You feel unseen, unheard and under appreciated and want to become the best version of yourself.


 “I have become more and more aware of what my spiritual gifts are and how to access them. Spiritual connection like I’ve never experienced before.” Melissa Cummings, Registered Nurse 

“Jeanne Street’s Spiritual Healers Course was both a reminder of the healing value of present mindedness and a manual for daily connected, spiritual practice. The principles continue to guide me to examine myself and life as it insists upon itself, resulting in new found peace and authenticity.” Elaine Educational Consultant

“Taking Jeanne’s course transformed the journey I was on. One of the things I appreciated most was how simple she made it, and yet now looking back on it as I grow, I realize how complex it is because I can apply what I learned from her in so many ways and on so many levels.”  Heather, Interior Designer

Start today, the Angel Healer Training digital course awaits you. 

Live your purpose and be the change the world needs!


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Event Details

Date: 4 November 2021

Start time: 09:00

End time: 17:00

Venue: The Angel Coop