Be The Light Meditation


Begin your Goddess Journey with this transformational meditation that will aid you in breathing through the blocks and enhance your gifts and talents.

Building a successful meditation practice requires a commitment to self. Each of us has the pure potential to build a solid foundation of living well.

If you want to turn your life into a state of well being you first have to recognize Shmego’s fearful tones and invite love to replace those low vibrational tones.

However you look at it, this can be an unnerving feat to take on by yourself.

If you have ever wanted to find that calm state of being and hear your inner guidance but didn’t know where to start so you ignored that calling. You are not alone.

Procrastination was my biggest block to welcoming in the calm the Angels were promising me.

The healing that comes from facing the fear of procrastination or whatever your fear is to living well will transform you on many levels. I can promise you that the truth is that there is a simple solution to implement basic tools so you turn that fear into your driving force, rather than being a stopping point.