Transcending Fear


You are here to go beyond your worries, doubts, stress and fears. All of these blocks that keep you stuck in a pattern of lack and wondering just where your abundance is.

Let’s face it, life can be really hard. We have to face our adversities, challenges, pay our bills and try to smile even when we are feeling depleted in all areas of our life.

Our soul’s lessons and challenges become burdens that block our joy happiness and abundance.

What makes matters worse is when we do try and change our situation by doing something we think will help, we end up running into more blocks that cause us to second guess and overthink our decisions. That’s when we really sink lower in our despair and end up completely discouraged from taking the steps to change.

To add to this, our loved ones can also play a large part in challenging our mindset to make these changes. Their fears and doubts add to the stresses we already carry. Their worries become our burdens. And eventually, we give in to those fears and keep on living in the same lack of abundance routine.

In this workshop, I am going to help you to break down and understand what exactly is blocking your abundance and joy. This workshop is not about changing who you are rather it is going to guide you to move directly through your blocks, pains and habits to heal what no longer serves you.

Transcending our pain is the only way we will ever experience our true abundance.