Self Care, Love Your Liver, Chlorella, Love Me Project, Manifesting

Jeanne has amazing information to help get you going on your Goddess You journey.  She starts with a little reflection on the amazing Holy Spirit Experience Meditation session at Inspirit Healing Studio and through webinar.  Listen up to hear about all the great benefits of Goddess Youniversity.  Tonight’s show is about self love, self care and finding the joy this holiday season.  Jeanne answers a facebook question from Rachel (send yours to or join the Angels Don’t Lie Facebook group).  Rachel keeps seeing a vision of a blue sky and an eagle.  Jeanne gives a great reading!  Jeanne explains the important role played by your liver and how to love your liver.

Nutritional Tip – Chlorella – one of the most powerful superfoods in the world.  Jeanne explains all the health benefits from detoxify the liver, rejuvenation of the  blood,  help remove heavy metals from the body and many more!

Caller! – Our caller tonight, a special guest, Christine Burrell, coach and founder of the Love Me Project (  Jeanne and Christine discuss self love and the importance of taking care of yourself.  Christine explains the details of her mission and what motivated her to start the love me project.

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Broadcast live from the KBJB Studio: December 5th, 2017

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