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Divine Lifestyle Accessories

Celebrate the Divine and connect to Spirit in your day-to-day life with these beautiful chakra bracelets and harmonising room sprays.

Angels Don't Lie Tee Shirts

You’re a Goddess Gal, and you want everyone to know it! Keep the Angels close to you at your yoga class, shopping for groceries or just relaxing at home!

Indigo Long-Sleeved Tee

Oatmeal Short Sleeve Tee

Angels Don’t Lie Mug

Enjoy your favorite herbal tea in your very own Angels Don’t Lie mug!


Angels Don’t Lie Tote Bag

Lighten the load with this stylish Angels Don’t Lie tote bag!



My beautiful books, The Goddess You and The Goddess You Journal, guide you through the twelve principles to finding your soul alignment, with easy-to-follow steps showing you a way for your soul self to emerge and flow within the Divine energy of God.


Sacred Space Sprays

Making these room sprays is a spiritual practice for me. I use pure essential oils, crystal infused water, and Spiritual healing, as I pray to infuse each spray with the highest vibration and lots of love!




Sage Off is a smokeless smudge spray.

Freshen up your space and disperse negative energy with this wonderful clearing spray.



Fresh On

Fresh On is a deliciously scented lavender spray.

Invite positive energy and raises the vibration in any space.



Custom Created Chakra Bracelets

Honor the Goddess You with a chakra bracelet designed especially for you.

Jeanne will connect with your Angelic team to create the perfect pairing of Archangels with messages to align your energy with your soul self.  You will also receive a Spiritual message with the details of your one-of-a-kind bracelet.

After your purchase of your custom created bracelet, Jeanne will personally contact you to connect with your energy to start the design process.

Design with energetic reading takes time, therefore I ask for your patience during this process. The average timescale for design and delivery of this bespoke product is 2 to 4 weeks.

Chakra Bracelets

Each of these stunning bracelets is designed with the intent of connecting your Chakras with the beloved.

The power of 3 is utilized in the design to weave your energy to Christ essence energy. Finally, the feather is added as a symbol of your communication with the Divine.

Enliven your senses. Commune with Spirit. Awaken the connection.


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