Pray the Novena

Our life experiences can become the burdens that block our Joy.

We each have life lessons and challenges to face. Some of these experiences can burrow into a negative emotion within our body causing reactive tones in our thoughts, view of life and decision making.

We become trapped by the constant lull of energy and as a result, our life reflects the inner turmoil with an outer lack.

Abundance is something we are left desiring for instead of living in.

Ignoring our pain and wrongdoings only fuels the separation from Love and depleted energy we receive.

Our awareness is needed in recognizing the pain that no longer serves us, the sinful act we hold within us and the willingness to release them over to God. In doing so we are freed from the negative energy.

For the times and situations in our life that seem like unbearable knots of pain and despair and when our soul is depleted, the Holy Mary Undoer Of Knots Novena, that will make an incredible Holy difference in your life!


xx Jeanne

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