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In this life, we are all looking for answers, and we are each carrying our own pain, grief, and sadness.

The blog posts below can help by guiding you to heal yourself.

It’s my deepest desire to empower you to make positive changes so that you find clarity, balance and happiness, and move forward to live your life as your highest soul self.

You Have One Life, Live It Happy!

Your Spiritual Journey

Your Spiritual Journey How to deepen your faith and become the best version of you. Our spiritual journey is such a personal one. Hey listen, I’m Catholic girl who can see and talk to dead [...]

How to Destress

Keep Calm During The Holidays   Ah, the holidays! We spend all year looking forward to them – and then six weeks running around like crazy, shopping, cleaning, wrapping, cooking, [...]

Your Sacred Space

Creating Sacred Space   How To Create A Sacred Space – And Why You Need One   There’s a reason we like to have our favorite things around us – why our drink tastes better [...]

Sound Healing

How To Use Soud Meditation  Soothe Your Body, Mind and Soul.   So you’ve heard all about meditation. You know about its benefits, and you think it’s something you’d like to give a go.   [...]

You Get To Choose

You Get To Choose  Right or wrong, sad or not emotions are triggered from feelings of past. Meaningless chatter connecting the dots, leads to an abyss of the days of past. ♥ [...]

The Guru Trap

Have you lost sight of who you are and what makes you unique? You are not alone…. Let me take you back in time, to the mid 80’s, I was a 20-year-old gal who was newly married and had just given [...]

Emotionally Brave

Emotionally Brave [bctt tweet=”A life event that causes an emotional and or physical pain can cause a block of energy within the body. These events are the Trauma that affect your [...]

The Sensitive Soul

The Sensitive Soul [bctt tweet=”People who are born with the gift of sensitivity are unique in nature. Most spend their life in some type of emotional turmoil because they don’t fully [...]

Goddess Tips

Goddess Tips Male or Female the Goddess tips are all about you grooving, moving, living with Divine life force energy. The Goddess You is simply referring to the female tone or energy that is [...]

The Challenge of Change

THE CHALLENGE OF CHANGE Have you noticed the warm days of summer seem to be slipping away as the cooler weather sneaks in to remind you that fall will be approaching soon? With any season change [...]


Highly Sensitive You Hey there, you the one who feels everything. The one who cries and doesn’t know why. The one who doesn’t understand what you feel so you hide behind that thing that [...]


Do you ever want to say what you are feeling to others but because time, energy and life seems to block the way you just don’t? If you are like me a little dose of positive energy can make [...]

Yellow Bug Girl

Yellow Bug Girl The Empathic part of my knowing started as I felt the feeling of overdose in my gut. Then, I saw the sign of charcoal, and, I saw the word ACCIDENTAL over my head. I knew then [...]

Intuition vs Ego

When Ego and Intuition get confused   There is a distinct line between ego and intuition you must be conscious of. First allow me explain the essentials of your intuition. The intuitive [...]

Spiritual Intuition

Intuition as defined by Webster’s dictionary states, it is the ability to understand something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. Intuition is within you, it is not outside of [...]

Life, dogs, grief

Life, dogs, grief A soul is a soul no matter if it is a furry friend or human. Sending your loved ones on their journey home with love, prayers and gratitude opens your heart even in the midst of [...]

Stop, Drop And Pray

Stop, drop and pray Much of my work is centered on grief. This is understandable given my role as a medium. But, low and behold, there exist those wondrous moments when grief is not in the [...]

Truth Bomb

Here is a little truth bomb for you, I experience moments of anger, judgments and fear just like you. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be. You see, I am human, not above or below you or [...]

Inspired Intuition

Inspired Intuition Have you ever taken notice of how you feel when someone or something sparks your interest? Maybe a speaker or teacher who’s message touches you deeply, and then how you later [...]

Wintery Blues

February is a difficult month for many people. Seasonal depression, winter blues or whatever you find comfort in calling the oh so common drop of your energy during the winter months. One of the [...]

Transparent Perspective

  We are beings of light that is what the Angels have both shown and told me. The light of our souls connection is felt through our energetic being. We omit frequencies of happiness, sadness, [...]

Seeing is Believing

Religious Apparitions and Visions Throughout time there has been sightings of God and religious figures that appear to man, these visions or apparitions have been documented and passed down [...]

Miraculous Messages

Miraculous Messages Before every broadcast of my radio program Angels Don’t Lie, I take time to meditate and connect with the Divine. In my meditation I can ask the Angels and God for the [...]

Gentle Guidance

Connecting to God and his Divine energy happens effortlessly with a prayerful moment and clear intention. At first my body begins to shift ever so slightly, muscles relax in tension as my mind is [...]


Angels My guidance from Divine Angels is something that I have lived with my entire life. Surprisingly though there were times that I was not fully aware or awake to this Divine connection I have [...]

Whispers of Essence

Just as Spirit speaks in tones of love supporting and offering guidance, other life forms speak as well. Energetic waves of messages come offering us wisdom of the essence of its nature. Our [...]

Spiritual Advisory Team

Spirit Speaks I have had a lot of people ask what it is like to have a Spiritual team or guides. First I should tell you that you too have a team of guides, Angels waiting and willing to work [...]

The Drama Vortex

Drama is an action birthed out of a low energetic being. Drama is a fear based thinking brought forth by Ego. Drama’s energy is a vortex that can become a highly addictive behavior. Ego likes [...]

Angels Don’t Lie

Angels Don’t Lie! What I have grown to accept and understand with each of my senses throughout my Spiritual journey is that within the Divine flow there is the energy. This energy is truth. Truth [...]

Spiritual Health

Spiritual health and well being can bring forth the happiness we long for in our lives by connecting our life to the Divine we can fully attune to our souls unique calling.


Spiritual versus religious belief has been a common theme in the sessions and talks I’ve given lately. There seems to be some confusion over what it means to be in alignment with God, higher [...]

Moments Lost

Moments Lost Loosing your way happens so quickly, you may not even notice you’ve lost your way. You just know something is just not right. Being lost can leave you feeling lonely, sad even [...]

Desire More?

Open yourself up to a higher perspective, learning new skills and such, to grow. Spiritual growth comes from our dedication to ourselves and in doing our “you work”. Take the time to invest in it, or we will end up feeling lost within our lives.