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Angel Coaching

I believe you were led here ….  trust me as your guide… channel, connect and illuminate the healing that will lead you confidently in the direction of your dreams and on the path to fulfilling your soul’s legacy.

With God, and your willing participation we will align in love together to illuminate the blocks that are getting in the way of your dreams and together we will heal them, clearing the path so that your soul’s desires can be brought to fruition.

It’s Time To Reclaim Your Life!

You have been living your life by the world’s standards. You have done everything you were supposed to do, checked off every box. You are a caregiver through and through, putting everyone else’s needs first until there is nothing left over for you. In the past, it seemed there was enough satisfaction in just doing that, but recently you are feeling unsettled, unfulfilled. Something is stirring within you that you can no longer ignore. You are keenly aware that you want- need – more, but feel uncertain about what that might be. You search and yet no matter how hard you try, what you desire seems just out of reach. How do I know? Because I once felt the same as you.

I am here to reassure you that there IS so much more. Beyond what you can even imagine at this moment in time. You are an invaluable soul, equipped with gifts and talents meant to serve others and light you up! This life is meant for you to experience joy, abundant love and fulfillment and you deserve to feel passion in your heart and purpose in your soul.

What I know to be true is that what keeps the things you desire out of your reach are the blocks in your body that are remnants left from pain, trauma and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you, and that separate you from listening to God’s guidance. And I also know that you can heal.

Align With Your Soul’s Truth

Angel Coaching  with Jeanne Street is a personalized program designed to release the emotional blocks that have been holding you back. Beyond the release, you will find clarity, confidence, and healing.

You’ll rediscover your self-compassion, let go of limiting beliefs, and step into your truth. This will take you down the path that is meant for your soul to experience.

During your Angel Coaching sessions, you will receive a personalized action plan with Divinely guided insights, steps and tools to help you discover who you really are and how what you desire is a clue to finding your purpose.

Through channeling Divine messages as the foundation for her guidance, Jeanne will help you to realize the abundance that is awaiting you in every area of your life.

Angel Coaching Awakening Sessions

Customized sessions that will support the healer within you to be awakened and aligned.


Your life  is a “status quo” type of lifestyle that society has deemed the norm. An unsettling feeling has awakened you to see through this pattern of unfulfilled and disconnection to your soul’s purpose.


Inside your Angel Coaching sessions you will receive a personalized action plan with steps, tools, and Spirits loving messages delivered in a way that will guide you to the abundance that is awaiting you!


I am excited to work with you on increasing your clarity, confidence and healing the blocks that will lead to your transcendence so you can live your life with grace and ease.

Angel Healer Awakening 6- Sessions

You will receive:

  • 6-90 minute virtual sessions
  • 2- 30 minute follow up support sessions
  • Continued text or email support for 9 months


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Soul Shine

SOUL SHINE is a group Angel Coaching experience where I will channel healing and messages from the Heavenly realm to support you with up-leveling and energizing your life. 

This group is intended for those looking to heal the blocks that limit them for the purpose of expanding their gifts and talents in a God-based manner.

In addition to the Divinely channeled guidance, the group setting offers support and accountability for daily living choices and habits that align with your desired highest vibration. newly acquired heightened vibration.

Soul Shine is the perfect place to begin implementing high vibe living at a comfortable pace while also learning and implementing my God-based method. It is also perfect for those who have already completed some of my training to feel supported and held accountable to continue the work they have started.

SOUL SHINE meets on bi-weekly on the:

First Tuesday of the month -60 minute session @ 3pm ET

Third Tuesday of the month-60 minute session @ 3pm ET

Angel Healer Mastery

With this year long group training you will expand your soul’s work and learn to shine your light even brighter with greater purpose and passion.


• Learn the God-based method of mediumship

• Learn how to safely channel Heavenly beings

• Learn how to deliver the highest transmission of loving messages and guidance possible

• Connect and Commune with the Divine daily through prayer and meditation

• Solidify and expand your daily rituals, tending to your spiritual, emotional and physical needs so that you can continue to serve from the overflow of your blessings

• Learn enhanced energy healing methods

• Write and lead your own unique meditation

• Learn how to host your own unique workshop & classes.

• Receive personalized guidance & support as you curate your signature offering

• Engage in partner experienced practicums to build confidence and enhance your abilities

• Have the select opportunity to attend and/or present at Jeanne’s live events


Step into your Angel Healer lifestyle with confidence and ease by continuing this journey inside the Angel Healer Mastery training and year long mentorship program.


Work Your Light

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