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Honor yourself

Healing Sessions


Are a Divine woman.

Deserve to be healthy and happy.

Need to give yourself space and time to heal.

Your energy is precious.


Spiritual Healing For Women

My healing sessions are a Divine energy transmission. Inside our session, I channel medicinal and restorative energy through my connection to God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit and Angels.

I will open and clear your chakra energy centers with a gentle motion of energy that flows from Divine source through my hands. At times Spirit and loved ones will offer gentle guidance and loving messages to support you on your healing journey.

During your healing session, you will remain seated while I guide the energy through your meridians and auric field. I may use crystal or sound on specific areas of the body to channel energy to the areas in need. Afterwards, I will deliver the messages that pertain to the healing session.

Is It Time To Heal Your Life?

As women we spend so much time taking care of others – but often neglect ourselves.

But, you cannot pour from an empty cup.

Your spiritual health and wellness is essential to living a life of love, happiness, and joy.

Learn about your Spiritual Team and how to embrace it!

Work Your Light

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