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Give the Gift that helps someone in their time of need.

Medium Reading

In your personal 30 or 60 minute medium reading you will feel unconditionally loved and find the inner peace, comfort and clarity you’ve been searching for. Jeanne will channel profound validating messages from your departed loved ones with blessed guidance from God. This reading will support and empower you to process your grief, make positive changes to move forward in your life and live fully as your soul self.

Profound Healing Session

In this 90 minute profound healing session, Jeanne will perform her signature soul scan of both your physical and energetic body. She will connect with Jesus, Mother Mary and The Holy Spirit to channel Divine energy to you with specific focus on any areas of concern. Jeanne may utilize singing bowls, tuning forks, essential oils or other frequency motivators that she is guided to use within your session. You will also receive a personalized wellness plan along with validating messages and guidance. 

Awakening Coaching

6 Month 1:1 Sessions with Jeanne

Awakening Coaching is a custom designed experience that supports the highly intuitive woman heal & further develop her extra-sensory gifts.

Inside this 6 month expansion you will meet with Jeanne virtually for 6-90 minute sessions. These are profound sessions where you will experience healing, miracles and an awakening of your soul self as you receive God’s unconditional love within the messages, guidance and channeled energy.

In these sessions Jeanne will use a combination of channeled holistic resources. Examples include:

Awakening Coaching is uniquely arranged to meet with your soul’s vibrational energy.

“Through my experience with Jeanne I learned how to consistently show up for myself. Jeanne gave me the tools to heal old wounds and help me to navigate how I deal with life’s stressors and inevitable ups and downs.She taught me that I was safe to be vulnerable. She also taught me that my innate generosity could be extended to myself as well as others. I especially found value in Jeanne’s unique ability to tap into Spirit for additional guidance, which really sets her apart and strongly guides her work. Jeanne also helped me to understand my own intuitive process and to trust the guidance that came through me.

The work I did with Jeanne was completely catered and personalized to me and had a powerful effect on my life and continues to do so. Jeanne is down to earth and authentic, she is relatable and shares relevant examples from her own life, which I completely appreciate. “

Billie Streets
Awakening Coaching

Group Sessions

Heaven Now- Virtual Medium Reading

Inside this two hour Heaven Now group medium reading and healing experience Jeanne Street will deliver profound messages from departed souls, guidance and healing energy from God.

Space is limited to ensure each attendee receives personal messages, supportive guidance and healing energy from Heaven.

Be sure to join Jeanne’s Angel Community email list here to be the first to know when new dates are added!

10-12 available spots at $111.00 ~ everyone attending will receive a personal reading.

Soul Shine Membership

Soul Shine membership is a sacred space for communing with God and the Heavenly realm. These sessions are designed to support highly intuitive women heal & further develop their extra-sensory gifts in a group experience.


“I recently experienced a mediumship reading with Jeanne Street. For starters, simply being in Jeanne’s presence is a profound opportunity in itself. The love that emanates from Jeanne is other-wordly, comforting and unforgettable. She embodies the unconditional, healing, and truth that she channels. Further, the words that came through in our session provided answers that I didn’t even know I was seeking.

I left feeling clear, held, seen and – most importantly and most transformational – loved.”

Founder of Soul Camp Creative + The Connecticut Women’s Club