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Whether you’re looking for answers and guidance, some support and company on your spiritual journey, or accessories for your Divine lifestyle, you’ll find everything you need right here!

You Have One Life, Live It Happy!

Connect with your loved ones and angels

Medium Readings

I want to help bring you inner peace, comfort, and clarity. Through my God-based medium readings, I channel Divine love, Angelic tones, and Spirit to aid your healing and release you from emotional pain.

During your 30 or 60 minute reading, I work with Spirit to bring personal and validating messages from your departed loved ones and blessed guidance that will support you and empower you to make positive changes so that you can move forward and live your life as your highest soul self.

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clear the blocks that no longer serve you

Healing Sessions

My healing sessions are a Divine energy transmission. Inside our session, I channel medicinal and restorative energy through my connection to the Divine, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Angels, and channel it through to you.

I will open and clear your chakra energy centers with a gentle motion of energy that flows from Divine source through my hands. At times Spirit and loved ones will offer gentle guidance and loving messages to support you on your healing journey.

During your healing session, you will remain seated while I guide the energy through your meridians and auric field. I may use crystal or sound on specific areas of the body to channel energy to the areas in need. Afterwards, I will deliver the messages that pertain to the healing session.

Connect with your souls purpose

Angel Mentor

You’ve done everything that’s been expected of you. You haven’t rocked the boat, and you’ve conformed to the “normal” conventions of society. You’ve maintained the status quo.

You put everybody and everything before yourself. You come last. There’s nothing left over for you.

But just recently you’ve had an unsettling feeling. You’ve been unfulfilled. Disconnected. You realize that you want – need – more.

I’m here to reassure you that there is more, that you are invaluable, and that you deserve to live a rich and rewarding life filled with abundant love.

You deserve to live your soul’s purpose.