Staying in the Moment, Probiotics, Candida, Guests and Callers

Welcome to Angels Don’t Lie with Jeanne Street!
Broadcast live from the KBJB Studio: October 24th, 2017
Jeanne is broadcasting live from Kathy Henkel Fitness for Rock Out for Breast Cancer Awareness! Jeanne explains about staying in the moment, focusing on what God is bringing forward for us. Choose love not fear. We get to talk to a few people partaking in the Rock Out, including Kathy Henkel. Jeanne talked with Karen Henkel about animal totems, spirit animals, blessing way and birth ceremonies. Karen and Kathy raise world class Wilhendorf German Shepherd Dogs. Jeanine sits down and talks about her progress through the Goddess You. She also asks about some guidance with her children, find out about the tug of war. Jeanne reads an email from Laurena who is having vivid dreams and was hoping for some explanation. Kathy Henkel, KBJB’s Fitness 5 Host, chats with Jeanne about butterflies. Find out why!

Callers tonight – Noel wanted to connect with her grandmother Alice. Very beautiful and full of love.
Laurena called in due to having a tough time with loss of her husband. Forgiveness is powerful, it was very emotional and a must listen!
Trish called in to discuss her move and how to better deal with it.

New Segment – Jeanne’s Hot Tip – Probiotics – learn Jeanne’s story of poor gut. Candida is a yeast overgrowth that kills the good bacteria in your gut. Antibiotics also are culprit affecting your gut. Listen to Jeanne’s information to get your gut back on track.

Events > 11-11-2017 Soul Saturday – another amazing event at Inspirit Healing Studio.

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