Are you a sensitive soul?

Have you ever felt this way… that you just don’t feel like you fit in and you’re in some way different from others?

Are you so sensitive to energy that it caused you to retreat inward in an effort to maintain some semblance of balance for your life? 

I too have felt this way and more. There were even times that I felt so low I wondered why I was even on this earth. 

Navigating our life is challenging enough, add in the ability to feel energy whether it be on the outside of your body or internally, you have a whole lot of highs and lows to decipher. The hard part is, when you don’t know why you are feeling the way you feel, you can’t stop the low vibes from coming at you. 

Being a sensitive soul is no joke. 

As you’ve heard me say a million times, Angels Don’t Lie. This statement came about when I first started working with my gift publicly. Even though I believed in the messages and experiences I had, I lacked self-confidence in describing how I received and knew what I knew. I turned to my Angels for support and love. That’s how I made it through every negative emotion that showed up. I leaned into love, counted my blessings, held faith and walked with Jesus. 

Having a Holy experience changes us.

I’ve witnessed a single message from a departed loved one that saved a young girl’s life, and offered hope to a terminally ill woman. The miracles I’ve seen are beyond our physical reality, they are God’s gift in miracle form. 

Life is filled with uncertainties and hardships, it’s also full of hope, inspiration and joy if we choose to see it.. 

Your life as a sensitive soul does not have to be lived in fear. 

Trust me, there are worse things in our world than being sensitive to energy or having a gift that we hide away out of fear or shame.

I believe the Holy Spirit guides us and if we allow it to, it can change our limited and fear based thoughts while healing our minds. Love promises while fear takes away. 

I can honestly say that without God and His Angels I wouldn’t have been able to publish my books, provide you with relief from grief, or share with you the teachings that have been passed to me from Source. I do all of this  by the grace of God and for God. Serving God is a choice, a clear conscious decision that I made. It is available for you to choose as well. 

Today I am inviting you to join me and God’s Angels for my Angel Healer training, by joining today you get levels 1 and 2 for the price of one training!

Inside this spectacular program I will share with you the process for safely opening your gifts and connecting with the Divine for living a soul inspired life. 

Level 1 is focused on self-healing. The training is modeled after my personal healing experiences and methods for working with Spirit, I also weave lessons taken from my books The Goddess You, and Believe . . .Angels Don’t Lie.  You learn how to work in alignment with God, with a clear focused intention. The tools and methods I share will support your heightened awareness of your own energy so that you can discern where your energy ends and another begins. This lesson alone will help free you from the burden of inviting in and carrying another’s energy that is not meant for you. I will lead you to explore the energies of things that serve you or deplete you and how you can bring in more of the high vibe energy that will support your soul expansion. And from there  move into the teaching of God’s Angels, the role that they play in your life and how to safely open the connection with them so that you can work in unity with The Holy Spirit.

Level 2 is focused on serving God. The training is an exploration of the energy in our world and from Source. I take you on a journey to Heaven, where you experience God’s Holiness, Angels, departed loved ones and more. In this sacred space your soul unites with your highest authentic truths. From there we move into how to safely work with channeling, messaging and healing with the energies that you connect with. With level 2 you begin to practice using the awareness and tools from level 1 in your outward relationships, both in intimate family relations as well as outside your inner circle relationships such as work and acquaintances. You will learn and practice ways to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you, just by practicing your own alignment with your inner being. As you begin to flow with more ease in your relationship with yourself, it naturally flows outward and you begin to see an opening where there may not have been one before. As with level 1, the focus is on God’s love and the continual healing of the blocks within our physical being.

The Angel Healer training is not about being something you are not, rather it is about claiming who you were sent to this earth to become. It’s about healing the pain, separation and untruths that you’ve grown accustomed to living with. 

Heather, an Angel Healer alumni shares her experience with you: 

The Angel Healer training opens you up to your gifts and a world of possibilities. Jeanne is a woman who teaches from God’s love and that immediately resonated with me. She teaches you to walk into who you are fully, all while helping you heal. Every training I learn deeper and get to another level just like an onion. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and she has so much knowledge on so many topics. I love the way she weaves it all in, it truly is all about body mind and soul. I always leave wanting more and can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next. She will help you step outside of your comfort zone surrounded by a loving community. She respects where you are in your journey all while helping you get to the next place in it, and then the next place and so on.  

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When Ego and Intuition get confused

When Ego and Intuition get confused

There is a distinct line between ego and intuition you must be conscious of.

First allow me explain the essentials of your intuition.

The intuitive voice is known as your voice of truth and love and is associated with the right side of your mind and body. It is through your intuition you can connect with Spirit to receive guidance and reassurance when needed.

Your soul is infinite, which means you have a higher soul-self or authentic self that is pure and free from fears energetic debris. Your soul-self is the truth of who you are. Your gifts, talents and life path are better understood and connected to when you follow your intuitive voice.

Spirits voice will speak to you through your intuition. Spirit can also speak to you on its own accord. Spirits tone is of love, kindness, gentle as well as uplifting, hopeful and joyful.

Your intuition is connected with your Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is where you get the gut feeling, knowing and sinking feeling when your higher soul self is speaking to you.

Spirits energy flows in through each of your energy centers. The crown chakra being the main connection point of the energy flow. Your intention to open your crown and your heart to Divine source is how to begin the connection.

To open your crown chakra set your intention with faith and willingness to surrender the ego voice.

Now, let’s move on to the facts about ego.

The ego voice is known as the voice of survival and logic and is associated with the left side of your mind and body. The ego voice can be the voice of reason but when off balance turns to a fearful tone. Despair, anger, judgement, isolation, egocentric and more become the way that ego takes over your thinking. Once your thoughts are corrupted with fears energy, it is very difficult to feel, live and know love truths.

In my book The Goddess You, I have named ego/fear Shmego. This guy Shmego is a tricky little bastard who takes the truth of love and joy out of your life.

The fine line between ego and intuition is fear.

Ego, by itself is logic pure and simple.

Intuition is love, end of story.

So when ego becomes contaminated by fears oppressive lies the line of truth is muddied up. Ego has now become Shmego, and that means intuitive clarity is gone. In place of the intuitive truth is now harshness, judgmental and righteousness.

Using the first principle in  The Goddess You, “Quieting the Mind” is how you can know if you are confusing ego with intuition!

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xx Jeanne