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Any Harry Potter fans here?

If you love the books and movies the way I do, then you know that it’s about a boy who, to his surprise, discovers he has innate magical abilities.

My clients all have magical abilities.

I’m like Hermione, Harry Potter’s sidekick.

Without her to remember all the spells, he wouldn’t have been able to access the depth of his gifts.

My clients usually come to me thinking they have no psychic abilities whatsoever. Or they believe that only special people have the ability to connect with spiritual beings. 

Just last week, I interviewed my former student Robin, who always knew she had mediumship abilities but doubted that she could make a living sharing her incredible gift with others.

She came into my Angel Healer Training, and within 3 days, she was connecting others with Spirits messages and feeling like a “full wizard.”

It was shocking to her (in a good way), and validating for me – because it reinforced just how powerful our work together can be. 

If you would like to trust and develop your own gifts …

If you want to connect with your loved ones that have crossed over, to your spirit guides, and angels … you absolutely can.

I have some spots open for my Soul Shine sessions.


If you’ve ever wanted to discover your inner Harry Potter…

And realize just how powerful you actually are…

Join my Soul Shine sessions to:

  • Feel supported within a community of like-minded souls all learning to use their unique gifts.
  • Channel Divine guidance for yourself and others.
  • Unravel your inner stumbling blocks.
  • Never feel alone.


I can’t wait to help you uncover your gifts!


Register for Soul Shine here.

This week's Angels Don't Lie with Robin (aka, Harry Potter)

Personal Ascension – What is happening in your life & WHY

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Hello Lovely,

Have you too experienced the weird side effects from Covid? UGHHG! Am I right!?

Just when I thought I was over it, last week I had a relapse of some yucky symptoms. 

To make matters worse the low frequency of the virus got me down and I was hardcore judging myself for being angry and sick.

I literally had so many low vibe thoughts running through my mind that I started to follow their destructive story lines.  

I was in a low place filled with anxiety and I was feeling really, really sad. 


Can you relate to this?

The Good News...

I’m sure you too have felt so many uncomfortable feels at one time that you can’t tell which way is up. 

That’s how I felt, like I was falling out of myself and into someone I wasn’t. 

The good news is that with the support of my Angels and guides and the spiritual practice that they helped me create I was able to catch myself before totally sinking.

I prayed and talked it out with God.

Following the same guidance and Holy wisdom I offer my clients, I went inward with my meditation practice.

I prayed and talked it out with God. 

I looked straight at all the yucky stories.

I let go of trying to heal. 

I gave every emotion over with no agenda or worry left inside of me. 

I let go and let God handle it. 

And guess what happened … the healing came.

I was set free from the grip of Covid darkness.

This was my reminder.

This was my reminder that we are our own healers and it is our internal energy that creates our outer-world. 

It’s not easy to look beyond what’s wrong with the present moment or our discomfort.

It takes practice to be embodied in love.

We get so used to the aspects of our pain we can’t see our way out. 


That’s where I come in.


I see beyond the physical, past the suffering, griefs and pain to where God illuminates your next right move. 

The methods I use with my clients are directly from Source- they are not of earth; they don’t always make sense but the results are Heavenly and effective.  


It’s the mystical, effortless way that God heals each person that I work with in the exact manner that they are meant to be healed.



This is what lights me the f***up! 

One opening left!

I have one opening for my  Awakening Angel Coaching that is available for the person who is ready to transform and transcend the shit that no longer serves their soul.

If this is you and you are serious about investing in your healing journey, send me an email at

You are loved!


xx Jeanne

Coming up – the kick off of my

FREE 2- Day Event: How to Tune into the Wisdom of Your Soul.

 Join me inside the Angels Don’t Lie Facebook Group at noon EST Monday 06/13 & Tuesday 06/14!

Upcoming In-Person Event

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Friday, June 17th, 2022


TIME: 6:30 pm – 8:30 pm


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Connecting you with Divine messages from Heaven.

Watch this week's Angels Don't Lie Episode below!

Lastly, I invite you to listen to this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast with my guest Christy Abate, co-owner of The Angel Cooperative.

Hear how you can raise your vibration to that of love!

Journeying from Survivor to THRIVER

I want to share with you 

that there is an opposing force lurking about and it captures our attention by instilling a fear. Most healer’s are unaware that by following this trickster “fear” energy, they are innocently seeking answers and guidance from lower frequencies. This means they are inviting fear into their lives.

This past week I went LIVE on Instagram where we dove into why we need to SAFEGUARD our energy because NOT EVERY message, sign or guide we are connecting with is aligned with God! I highly recommend that you check it out, (by clicking here!) especially if you have been feeling this trickster fear energy.

This is an incredibly important conversation that I will be diving deeper on with you in the coming weeks. 

For now, I want to assure you that all the big feels and emotions that you’ve been having are real. You’re not losing your mind or going crazy.

The energy we’ve been experiencing in our world over the past few years has reached a peaking point. The age of the healer is here now, which means those feelings and emotional remembrances are purging up and out of your physical being in order to be transmuted to love.

It is powerful…. and uncomfortable!

If you are one who continues holding on to the onslaught of feelings and emotional memories and are therefore reintegrating them back into your energetic body rather than releasing and healing,

I highly recommend that you book a healing session.


During your private healing session I will support you by delivering channeled energy that will raise and calm the frequencies within your aura and physical body. This will heal imbalances, soul fragments, auric blocks and disruptions to the flow of Divine energy within your energetic being. 


Learn more about a private healing session by clicking here.

I can’t wait for you to meet my friend Hamilton in this week’s Angels Don’t Lie podcast.


We had an amazing, intimate and in-depth chat about Ham’s experience at the edge of life which led him to surrendering and his great awakening.


Hamilton words touch my heart…


“I felt it, you know, into the core. And I knew in that moment that I had to, for the first time in my life, stand up for myself; that I had to stand in my truth no matter what it meant to anybody else who cares.”

Watch Part One of this Series below!

Watch Part Two of this Series below!

Living in Soul Alignment [Parts 1 & 2]

I did this big bold move in 2011,

where I decided that I was going to be the truest and realest version of myself.

To be honest with you, it was really hard. I was met with tons of resistance both outwardly and inwardly.

Fast forward to today, I have zero regrets and feel absolutely blessed and fulfilled with everything God has provided in my life.


We all have our own peeling open to access our awakening.

It’s when we come into a realization of who we really are that the magic begins to happen for us.

For some people, this awakening eludes them because they are not yet understanding what the signs are that are guiding them towards the awakening.

I can fully admit to you that I was one of those people who did not understand why I felt, heard and saw all the things that I did.

What I now know is that my senses (AKA clairs) were dialed all the way open, and I wasn’t ascending to my highest soul self.

I literally felt as if the wounded parts of me were exposed for all to see and stomp on.

I was all over the place energetically.

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The Goddess You Interviews [Parts 3 & 4]

Today, I was reflecting on life

and all the sadness that feels as thick and heavy as the air on a hot summer day.

The reality of suffering, of loss and unfathomable violence that is in our midst weighs heavy on my heart, as I am sure it is on yours. I asked God this morning
“Lord, what is of importance?”
The suffering, loss, hate, violence and despair it’s all just too dang much.
I begged God to provide me with the wisdom to write in support of others who are hurting and selfishly, also to heal in me the deep angst that is constantly shaking my insides. 

I sat in my blue writing chair

waiting for his response, knowing that I could not find the meaning without his help because the world had broken my spirit.
And I was reminded how much I love my writing chair. 
The soft blue and creamy white print, its high supportive back and cozy comforting fabric provide a warm and welcoming feeling as if the chair is waiting to wrap me in a loving embrace.
This chair holds many memories and cherished moments for me.
I can just sit in my chair, close my eyes and call-up a visceral memory of holding my sweet Raegan, our newborn grandbaby, of writing the failed manuscript that I subsequently discarded and of the one that made it all the way to print.
I remember sitting in my cozy chair the time my dear friend called just so we could hear each other’s voices.
Countless times I’ve sat here wrapped within the comforts of my happy blue chair meditating and praying. 

Suddenly I became filled with the glory and grace of The Holy Spirit.

Here the Holy wisdom of Jesus filled my entire being, as I was guided to write these words for and to you….

“Blessed one, the power of The Holy Spirit is with you now.
My father in Heaven will adorn your thoughts with His Love and Grace.
Blessed are you who pray and yearn for righteousness.
For it is through you that my Father in Heaven
will lay open the path for others to flow into His arms….

….You are similar to the birds singing praises day and night.
Take flight sweet one, fly out of despair and sorrow and into the arms of God
for He is the air, the sky, the sun and earth.
Step forward confidently with hope and in faith
that the knowledge you hold within your heart
has been renewed by God’s grace and gentle care.”


Some takeaways for today….

  • You are a healer. Amen! 
  • You can commune with God and the Heavenly realm and heal that which pains or torments you. Yes! 
  • Your struggles are real and you GET to process them in your own unique way. Free will is groovy! 
  • Fear will do its best to interfere with your joy, disrupt your happiness and block love from flowing freely. Don’t let it! 
  • You have the opportunity to show up in your life today as the version of yourself that you WANT to be. You GET to choose! 

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Shattered to the Core – A Daughters Journey


Hello Love!

It is my hope that you are having a tremendous start to your month of May!
To all mother’s, daughters, sons, grandmothers & great-grandmothers I am wishing you a peaceful and pleasant Mother’s Day.

For many, Mother’s Day offers a time for us to thank the women who helped raise and love us.

At the same time, for those who have lost their mom, Mother’s Day can be painful as we try to acknowledge what they meant to us, the love that still exists between us and try to navigate the day without them.

On this week’s episode of Angels Don’t Lie, I was so honored to have an incredibly deep conversation with my dear friend and fellow author, Valerie Walsh.
Together we discussed her recently published book, Shattered to the Core: How I made Peace with my Past and Reclaimed my Future.

In this book, Valerie reveals the extraordinary pain and trauma

that she experienced after the heartbreaking loss of her mother, and what it took for her to overcome her personal hardships and inner demons to live a healthy, productive, and inspired life. 
This is such a powerful and impactful conversation that I know you will receive many take-away’s from!
***Please note that we touched on sensitive topics in this episode including conversations and readings around loss, suicide, grief, addiction and recovery. 

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Healing Her Inner Feminine to Find Freedom


I have a view on stress that may shift how you navigate life from here on out.

Stress is our personal interpretation of the energy we are experiencing.
Stress looks and feels different to each of us. The way our bodies either break down or retain the energetic debris of stress are also uniquely individual. 
Anyone who has experienced great stress is ONE with God. 
This is a shocking revelation to most people!

You see, our soul must experience different forms of challenges.

In our life in order to create change, we experience challenge because this is how we learn, heal, grow and evolve.

Stress can dwindle our life force energy. But it also can reveal, clarify and purify our thoughts, body and soul.

Stress, when approached with God in the forefront, is how we can transcend ANYTHING.

I recently sat down with Jessica Scofiled-Chichester, owner of Haute Healing Oasis premier luxury wellness spa, where she reveals her journey through her own personal feminine healing that brought immense self-discovery that she relates to as her “rebirthing”.

Having known Jessica for several years now, you will hear me share with her the message from the Angel’s saying how “soft” her energy is now that she is embracing her Divine feminine.

And there is a huge reason as to why…

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Demystifying Mediumship


I hope you’re soaking in the yumminess, renewal, rebirth and awakening of Spring!

The trees are blossoming and early flowers are pushing through the earth – we are healing as the world around us comes to life.

I’m so excited to share this week’s Angels Don’t Lie episode with you where my guest, Intuitive and God-based Medium Kristen Bly and I have a deep conversation on demystifying mediumship and how this gift is not something unusual or to be feared, but is a pathway to find hope and healing.

At first she considered herself a “closet medium,”

afraid of what others might think or how she would be perceived if she shared with the world that she could communicate with Spirit and Heaven.

She notes having had this gift since she was a little girl, but similar to many other mediums, she didn’t fully understand it. She kept her gift as a quiet secret for many years where it remained a thin thread throughout the busyness of her life. But after asking herself, 

“What if I got to the end of my life without ever accessing and utilizing this gift I have been given?”

Kristen realized that if she were to get to the end of the road of her life, she would question why she spent so much time worrying and would wish she spent more time effortlessly accessing and sharing her gifts.

And now after much healing and self-discovery, Kristen has awakened to her purpose and accepts that she is meant to be a voice for souls to communicate to their living loved ones. She is fulfilling her soul’s legacy, channeling wisdom and guidance for her clients to serve and support them in navigating the intricacies of their life.

I know you are just going to love this Angels Don’t Lie episode because there are so many yummy takeaways inside. Communicating with Heaven isn’t hard, bad or even wrong. God desires to be a part of our everyday lives. When we seek answers from outside of ourselves it can sometimes bring us out of our faith based life. This is probably the most common way we lower our energy. The good news is that there is a safe and HOLY way that you can communicate with Heaven.

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Coffee Girl or Green Tea Girl….who do you identify with?


Coffee Girl or Green Tea Girl?

Who do you identify with? I’m not talking about the actual beverage. This is actually an amazing exercise for identifying our trauma identities. So, if you’ve ever felt like you’re two people or if you have caught yourself wondering why you reacted so differently to something than you normally would, most likely it’s because you have experienced trauma in your past and a younger version of yourself is silently shielding you from experiencing what that younger version of you perceives as more pain.

Healing trauma isn’t for the faint of heart.

As you are in the process of healing you’ve most likely noticed that you feel extreme highs and lows. This is due to either the holding onto or the releasing of energy.

Listen, let’s be real about trauma for a quick sec.

We have all experienced some form of trauma

in our lifetime. To be able to come from the place of an empowered person, it is important that we address our trauma gently and compassionately without shame, blame or persecution for either ourselves or the offenders of our pain.

My Angels have always provided me with unique methods for understanding the teachings and lessons from God, and this is exactly how Coffee Girl and Green Tea Girl came to be!

The energy around people speaks the truth for each of us, that is if we understand what it is we are picking up.

I teach this method from what I’ve learned from my Angels and how to trust our senses and to back up what we receive by confirming it with God, before we take any action. This is the key for working in alignment with God and delivering only that which has been approved by Him!

As I’ve grown in my gifts and in how I learn,

I found my way to healing my soul fragments. These were the blocks to why I wasn’t receiving the yumminess God was sending me. The energy of past persona’s was the issue.


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Lovely One,

Lately my phone has been blowing up with texts and calls about how the collective world energy from the war overseas is leaving my friends and clients  feeling sad, isolated, scared and anxious. 

I was guided to lean into this topic in a big way for this week’s Angels Don’t Lie Podcast to support all who have been feeling this heaviness.  

I’m sharing inspirational and encouraging messages from God’s angels that will elevate and support you to shine your internal light as bright as you possibly can. Thereby your light will act as a beacon of hope and love to illuminate the path out of our darkness for others.

You’ll also hear me share a passage that came to me in 3 different ways and how God spoke to me and how He is also speaking to you! 

It’s so important that we understand our signs as a remembrance of God. I’m sharing how when I see the number 3, I know God is with me. 

For me the number 3 is significant as this is when I know that The Holy Spirit is guiding me. When I receive 3 as double digits 33, this symbolizes that Jesus is guiding me. When it is tripled, 333 this is significant of God, and that HE, Jesus and The Holy Spirit are all with me. 

I share this because it’s easy to feel alone and afraid during difficult times. Especially when we witness evil, we can question where God is and feel as if we have been abandoned. We each have the ability to communicate with God and receive signs and symbols from Him and from our departed loved ones.

Below is the passage God sent me last week.

“For he will put his Angels in charge of you to guard you in all your ways.” -Psalms 91:11

This passage came to me in 3 different ways during my morning routine and reminded me that I have the power to create change through my choices and actions. 

Following the blessings of 3, I invite you to follow along with my top 3 choices for action, or to choose your own! 

  1. Up the prayer- leaning in further to prayer with the Blessed Mother and rosary. I highly  recommend the app Hallow as a great tool for daily prayer. 

  2. Listening more to God’s continued wisdom and messages that I receive through my senses.

  3. Donating to organizations to support the people of Ukraine:

Love actions heal our angst.

These are the organizations that I found to be great for helping to support the people of Ukraine.

Pandemic of Love– purchase items from a wishlist on amazon, items will go directly to those in need. 

Airbnb- You can help host families who are in need of shelter by donating to their Airbnb. 

Together Rising – an organization with the mission to transform collective heartbreak into effective action. Your donation will help meet Ukrainian families’ most urgent needs on the ground right now. 

Your inspired actions might be different from these as they match your life. 

Either way, I would like to remind you that your Angels are with you; that God has assigned them to you!

He has not left you alone to suffer.

Whatever worldly heaviness you might be feeling today, let the light of God’s love remind you that you are unconditionally loved and held, and that you have the power of choice to make a change!

Angel Healer Party!

On April 26 at 5:30 pm ET I am hosting a sampling and informational session about my Angel Healer Program.

I’m calling this event the Angel Healer Party because it’s going to be fun and full of surprises!

While I impart messages and guidance, I will also be demonstrating how I pair channeling and teaching by asking random attendees to join me in the “Angel Seat “. This will showcase what it looks and feels like to be a student inside the Angel Healer Program. 

Learn more by clicking HERE!

I have been guided by my angels to ask for a small exchange for attending. You will receive many valuable takeaways for you to implement into your life. The fee for this session is $22.00. 

Your Angel Healer Party ticket includes:

  • Learning my Angel Healer method for working with Ascended Masters

  • A chance to be guided to sit in the Angel Seat, for a one on one session with me!

  • An opportunity to win Divinely inspired prizes! 

Angel Healer Party REGISTER HERE

I’m also thrilled to offer a second way for you to attend!

It’s what I am calling the VIA ticket (very important angel) For the exchange of $44.00. 

The VIA Session includes:

  • Everything included in the Angel Healer Party ticket


  • A beautiful heart opening guided meditation that I will email to you.

  • A personal video angel card message that will be emailed to you.

  • 30-minute VIA after party session!


My team and I have the highest intentions for you as an attendee of the Angel Healer Party!

I promise to serve, support and inform.

You will leave feeling lit up and confident to step into YOUR soul’s path with ease. 

You are loved!


xx Jeanne