Manifest Healthy Relationships Into Your Life

The one constant in all of your relationships is…..YOU! 

You know what that means. It means that our primary focus on the health and well being of ALL of our relationships is based on the quality of our relationship with ourselves! What? You mean we can’t blame the other guy for all that we don’t like inside a less than perfect relationship? Nope, sorry love- this one is on you!

What I’ve learned is: the level in which we love ourselves is what we receive from the outside world. And, how we treat ourselves is how we teach others to treat us. If we are kind, compassionate, forgiving and respectful to ourselves that is exactly what will be reflected back to us from others. 

The same holds true if we are mean, judgemental and disrespectful to ourselves. Yep, you guessed it- that is the way we will be treated by others.

Have you ever sat back and looked at the relationships you’ve had over the course of your life?

When done with a firm grounding in love, you can learn so much about yourself doing this. 

This year started for me with the intention of viewing all types of past relationships. I only focused on my side of the relationship with others. I chose to look both at hard ones and loving ones. Allowing myself to be present for the past in a new loving way, where I didn’t allow myself to go backwards to replay or judge, rather to learn. 

To stay in the vibration of love, I made a list of areas that I would focus on. I narrowed my list down to the top 3 things I was going to work on. Then I did some research for outside support and upleveled my spiritual practice.

For the past 8 months I’ve worked intentionally and lovingly with a clear mindset to restore and illuminate the truth of my soul self through healing. And, I’ve gotta tell you just how incredible this year has been. Even with the pandemic and chaos we are experiencing collectively. 

Relationships are tricky. They can leave us hurting, broken and torn into pieces. Anyone who’s lived through trauma, which is most humans by the way, has habits, pain and brokenness that they carry within them that were built to protect their younger self. What happens over time is that they attract the same type of relationships back into their life over and over that reflect the pain they are burdened with. 

Here are top 3 questions to ask yourself to begin healing your side of the relationship.  

  1. How are you reactive in the relationship?
  2. What are the things that triggered the reaction?
  3. What actions did you take and what state of mind were you in?

It’s important to make a practice of working with these questions. This isn’t usually a one and done deal. That’s why we call it our “you work”, because it takes some work to uncover and heal past wounds so that they no longer cause us pain and stop blocking us from the joy we are meant to experience.

I also went a little further with my “you work”, by working with experts that supported the healing I was calling in. 

I recommend building your lightworker team based on key things you are looking to heal. For me, I was looking to heal reactiveness, emotional pain and to forgive and release blocked energy. 

My top 4 suggested team of supportive light workers includes: 

  1. A therapist, who works with trauma and also offers energy work. 
  2. A massage healer who works with Divine energy and Angels.
  3. A naturopath who also offers acupuncture. 
  4. A trusted friend to dialog with.

Next, I lined up resources and practices to help keep me on track with my intentional healing plan. I broke these down into easy to implement nuggets of self love. 

My top 6 daily acts of self love routine :

  1. Hydration, drinking 60oz of water. 
  2. Mindfulness, mantra & meditation. 
  3. Yoga & movement.
  4. Prayer & journaling.
  5. High vibe eating. 
  6. Supplements that cleanse and renew cells and build up and support your energy.

Go ahead and implement my routine in your life and add it to your “you work” practice, if you think that will fill your love void, or create a personalized list of your own daily acts of love. Either way, make sure you take action and actually do the things that you know fill you up. In no time, you will feel better, look better, think kinder, gentler thoughts and smile more. 

And the bonus prize is that you will see a magical outward reflection manifest in your relationships.

Tell me in the comment section how healthier loving relationships will make a difference in your life!

I’m Holding On, How About You?

Hello lovely one! How are you?

I’m holding on.

Honestly, when I think about myself and how I am feeling, it seems irrelevant in our current climate. 

Yet, last night as I was soaking in my ritual clearing bath, I felt immensely sad. I was reminiscing about how the events of my day unfolded. I had plans to shop for food for our house as well as for my parents. 

I met my Dad in the grocery store parking lot, and as I placed the bags of groceries into his car, I leaned in to hug him. I paused. Sadness overflowing in me, I held back my tears. 

Holding our loved ones is a natural occurrence, but in our current situation it’s tainted with questions of  “what if ?” 

 In that split second, standing there with my Dad, being reminded again of just how grateful I am to be his daughter, I realized how much I just wanted him to hold me and tell me that everything was going to be alright. For a moment I was my child self, wanting and needing his unconditional love. Isn’t it funny how holding someone can do all that?!  

In the absence of physical contact with others, my thoughts began to wonder if my faith could take this heaviness I’ve been holding away. 

That got me to thinking about how much I’ve adored holding the people I love and care for. Holding my belly when I was pregnant, and when my babies were born, holding them closely when they nursed, or holding the newborn foster baby I picked up from the hospital. 

I’ve been holding my whole life.

The moment I held my precious grandbabies for the first time. And how my heart longs to hold them again right now. Holding my husband’s nanna’s hand, and my friend Jodi’s as they crossed over to Heaven.

Friends, family, and even clients receive a tender hug before they leave their session. 

As my thoughts dove deeper into  the depth of my being I held myself in the midst of not being able to hold others in the familiar physical manner as I had before Covid19 was a part of our everyday life. 

This adjustment of holding space for my loved ones in new forms has given way to deep seated emotional pains I had not realized were within my being. I’m doing my absolute best to be present in these feelings, to look at them lovingly and embrace whatever lack, pain, or despair that rise upward into my consciousness.

My truth is, today I am holding it together the best I can with the tools and resources that I am fortunate enough to have.

I hope you are doing the same.

The truth is that with the uncertainty of our current world climate, feeling overwhelmed is a given.. The good news is that you can heal and hold your overwhelm with love based tools and methods for connecting with your Angels, and receive gentle, loving guidance from the Divine realm. 

I wonder, what it is that you are holding onto to keep you grounded and feeling safe in these uncertain times. Share in the comment section below who it is that you are missing holding!

I am sharing with you a valuable resource from my Angel Membership, intended to support and hold you in this unprecedented time. I know as I am feeling the need to be held and supported, I imagine you are too.

Watch it Here For FREE


Xx Jeanne 

p.s I’ve got more amazing resources available for you when you Pre-Order my new book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. 


April 11


Truth Bomb

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Here is a little truth bomb for you, I experience moments of anger, judgments and fear just like you. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be.

You see, I am human, not above or below you or anyone else. I am me, a spiritual, loving women who talks to Angels and loved ones on the other side of the veil, and the real me has pains and sorrows like yours, only different, because they are my very own reflections of personal fears. Your pains look differently, feel differently and are different, because well, they belong to YOU. I have passions and desires as you do as well. We are unique, yet alike because we are Gods children.

I love you because of who you are, period end of story. It’s a beautiful part of what make me, me. The gift God has bestowed in my being that I am able to see your true soul identity, you at your highest soul-self.

Truth be told though, I don’t always like the things you choose, and, thats ok, because you have your very own life experiences and journey to be on. You are a lovely and authentically brilliant soul who is deserving of love and respect.

But here in the land of human beings, love and respect are not easily shared because of that rat bastard Shmego’s fearful tones. You see, the jealousy, judgmental tones that fly around are similar to knives, and just like a knife will do when it is in use, it cuts up the love into little itty bitty pieces. Pieces that are so small they barely resemble love, in fact these pieces of micro love now bare a price tag in order to be felt. This is what is known as conditional love. Love that costs, which my friend is not love at all but fear, and thats how sneaky that little Shmego guy is, he will have you believe this is the right way to love.

Here is what is truth, God says that his love for you is eternal and unconditional. He loves you the same at all times. If you are feeling less than, God loves you. If you mess up, God loves you. If you fall, God loves you. If you cheat, lie, steal… guess what…God loves you. His love is endless and always the same, steady and true.

What I have witnesses as a Medium in sessions with my clients is how challenging it is for people in pain to experience love, pure unconditional love the pain becomes the stopping point to loving others completely and without judgement. The memories of the past become the pains in today.

The Angels have taught me that pain is emotional, physical and energetic. Pain is a reminder of something that has gone wrong within ones life.

The Angels say that the when you become isolated and separated from the Divine fear will manifest in many ways to keep you from the truth of Divine love. Therefore if one is suffering with an illness and in a great deal of pain and makes the choice to go it alone, separated from the original love the tone of the illness becomes louder and more focused on the fear rather than on the love. The love will lead you to the answers of why and what your souls lesson is in this instant. In truth the illusionary world fear creates for you is not an easy one to shatter and break free from. Yet it is easy at the same time. Crazy, right? This is because of free-will and your willingness to choose love over fear. It is not a one time choice though rather it is a moment by moment choice to allow love to heal and shatter the fear. It is also your willingness to recognize the lesson within the pain.

Pain when left to grow and flourish over time your thoughts are isolated and focus on only the pain and not the healing. Healing is not simplistic yet when you are willing to do the work, no matter how emotional and challenging the work is, your soul reveals the pains starting point. That is the key to all healing. Though healing can involve the soul leaving this plane to continue work on the other side it is essential for the souls journey in this life to heal the wounds and learn the valuable lessons so the soul can evolve to the next stage of its journey.

Self love is the soul can connect with the pain outside of the stories and fear. Self love ignites the souls purpose and clarity. Self love is your connection to Divine truth and Divine love. The fear begins to fade away as self love opens the pathway for your courage and strength which in turn leads you to the pains source. Your courage to stand in self love becomes the focal point and leads to the fears fading away. This gives you the strength to move forward with a clear path to learning and evolving in your souls truths. The resistance of fear will still challenge you, but your self love will hold you and restore you.

Here is what you can take away from this Angelic message and lesson on pain, pain can tell you a story if you open and listen to it. Pain can be healed. Pain is a lesson waiting for you to connect with it.



xx Jeanne