The most common healer trait that no one is speaking about…


Hello Lovely Soul, 

As you can imagine, in the work I do, I come across so many different types of healers, psychics and mediums.

What I find so often is that when someone wants to use their gifts they tend to concentrate their focus on opening their Third Eye.
And then there are some who have already done the work of opening their third eye and are currently seeing and communicating with spirit, but haven’t yet done the work to become aligned through their relationship with God & balancing and opening all of their energy centers.

They get caught up in their head space, and this is when they tend to see lower frequencies and receive low vibe and prediction based messages. It’s great that you have abilities, but honestly the most common healer trait that no one is speaking about is the gift of energy sensitivity; a person born pure of heart.

Here is an excerpt from my book Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie (pg 99):


“We are born with the gift of being our own healers through the connection to Spirit.

Our souls are energy sensitive and have come into this life with the ability to channel Divine love and heal our deepest wounds.

This pure love is woven through our DNA and energy centers.

But the thing that makes a person who utilizes their gift of being pure of heart different from those who don’t, is that they move through life helping others.

They become earth angels and their soul lesson and life path fuel them to feel and transmit love and light energy. They are like lighthouses, and the light they are meant to share with the souls they encounter throughout their life is that of Divine love.

The pure of heart is a healer with a core soul connection to helping others.”

From the bible, Jesus teaches us the beatitudes or blessings just before He delivers His most famous sermon, the Sermon on the Mount.

The sixth of the nine beatitudes is “Blessed are the pure in heart, for they will see God.”

Jesus refers to “pure in heart,” as an internal purity, showing His concern with our heart’s position.

He doesn’t waste his time speaking to our external lives because He knows that our hearts must first be changed.

When we experience this internal heart shift, our thoughts, behaviors, actions, and as a result, our external lives will also change.

Jesus wants our hearts to genuinely desire things that are pleasing to Him – then, our lives will reflect and produce things that are pleasing to Him and will match our soul’s desires.

When we seek his guidance for our lives he begins a transformation in our hearts.

Inside this blessing, Jesus also promises that those who embody this pure heart will see God.

Those with a pure heart will come to truly know Jesus because our heart is what Jesus sees. He knows that our external words and actions that fall outside of our true heart’s nature aren’t the honest representation of who we are. God knows our heart and our desires and that’s what He is most interested in. There are many other references in the bible to the sacredness of our hearts and how we need to honor and preserve its purity.


“Search me, O God, and know my heart! Try me and know my thoughts! See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way everlasting.” | Psalm 139: 23-24

“Above all else, guard your heart, for everything you do flows from it.” | Proverbs 4:23

“Behold, you delight in truth in the inward being, and you teach me wisdom in the secret heart.”Psalm 51: 6

“Now that you have purified yourselves by obeying the truth so that you have sincere love for each other, love one another deeply, from a pure heart.” |  Peter 1: 22


A heart centered healer, medium or psychic is one who understands that the gifts they possess within are not solely based on having their third eye open.

They are grounded in their relationship with God and they are tuned to the higher frequencies of being in union with the Holy Spirit.

The greatest gift of all gifts…love.


xx Jeanne

In case you missed our LIVE episode of Angels Don’t Lie with special guest Stephanie Stanton, you can catch it HERE!

What You Will Find Inside Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

I’m Overjoyed to Announce

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie is now available as an audiobook. The best part is you can get it NOW on Audible, and is free with a 30 day membership! 

This is my first Audible publication and it was hard and yet so much fun to produce with my new friend Tracy Walton, owner of On Deck Sound Studio. 

I loved writing this book, working with my Angels always inspires me to go beyond what the physical world has taught us. In today’s blog I am going to dive into what you will find inside while reading or listening to Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

We are magical souls capable of healing our greatest source of pain with angelic guidance. In this book I share insightful and intimate details from some of my client readings, healing sessions, miraculous healings, and heavenly messages. These are intended to assist you in freeing yourself from energy that no longer serves you, while healing your pain and suffering. 

You can connect to the Divine realm, along with the Angels and celestial beings within it, to live your purpose-filled and meaningful life. 

This book gives a celestial view of how God’s heavenly Angels want to be your guide in healing. They want to raise consciousness–both individually and that of the collective. 

The Angels say that life is a beautiful privilege meant to be cherished and lived well, even with the bumps and turns in the road. 

Lovely, now is your time to love yourself, and live your best life by going through the steps that I’ve mapped out for you inside the pages of Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie!

This book is filled with Spirit’s inspiring messages, guidance and Divine love that will support you living your miraculous life.


The Miracles Within

 Chapter 1 Angels:: Miracle  … Angels have your backs

Chapter 2: Know Our Souls Truth: Miracle  … You are an infinite soul

Chapter 3: Divine Christ Energy: Miracle … Love supports you

Chapter 4: Our Highest Good: Miracle … Faith heals your fear 

Chapter 5: Our Life Path: Miracle … Forgiveness frees

Chapter 6: The Personal Moral Code: Miracle … Compassion reveals truth

Chapter 7: Gifts and Talents: Miracle … You are Love

Chapter 8: Pure Of Heart: Miracle … The gift of connection has always been within you

Chapter 9: What God Wants Us To Know: Miracle … You have the ability to manifest your desires

Chapter 10: How Love Can Support Us : Miracle … Miracles are available to you

Chapter 11: Saints and Sinners: Miracle … You have free will

Chapter 12: From The “I” to the We”: Miracle… Love heals

Chapter 13: Love Spark: Miracle … You are meant to be here

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie, illustrates

How our desire to know our souls’ purpose leaves us feeling empty, alone and repeating patterns that no longer serve our well-being. 

Our soul’s have a natural craving to be in alignment with our authentic self, yet in our high-tech world we seek outwardly for advice and answers for our souls’ longing only to receive confusion in return for our efforts. Why? Because we have been taught to believe in the physicality of our world, not the Divinity and mystical energy that the Angel’s want to share with us.

Enjoy this sample.

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The Miracle In Blessing Your Messy

In my first book The Goddess You, I shared with you this analogy I use to describe the crazy messy times in my life. These things come in waves of 3, I refer to them as my big 3’s and my little 3’s. 

Can you relate to things coming to you in 3’s? 

Maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve been a little quiet with my blog, podcast and on social media lately?  

As 2020 would have it, I’m currently in a big 3’s phase. People often think because I work with Spirit and the Angels that I am immune to having hard or bad stuff happen in my life. The truth is, we are all going to have shit go wrong, things to work on and challenges to navigate through, No one is immune to life happenings, not even me. 

For me, it’s about how I choose to go through the thing at hand. I can fall apart, cry, blame or fight the pain. OR. I can find joy, lean into love and up my spiritual practice. No, it isn’t easy, but it is a must for me to choose love over fear. When faced with life altering events, I look to my spiritual practice to replace fears tones with love’s promises. I go inward to bless my messy. 

Obviously we are all under a great deal of stress with Covid running rampant again. 

Inside this week’s blog I have two yummy tools for you to uplevel your spiritual practice and a secret project that I’ve been working on for my Angel Membership… It’s a monthly Angel Forecast.

First up my top 5 Recommendations To Up-Level Your Spiritual Practice

  1. Schedule It.

I’ve found that scheduling my meditation and yoga helps me to stay focused and committed. Pick a time, preferable the same time everyday to meditate. I choose towake early, I’m a 5 am gal. There is something so magical about meditating as the sun rises. The quietest part of the day works wonders for your meditation!

  1. Leave your device out of it.

Let’s be real here… our phones aren’t our best friends. They actually hinder our ability to quiet our mind and interfere with our energy. Leave your device away from you and you will find peace and calm just like I do! 

  1. Don’t give up.

I know the struggle is real to quiet your mind and be still. Start slow and stay with it. I’ve found beginning with a prayer of protection and a mindfulness routine supports my meditation. 

  1. When in doubt chant it out.

When you don’t know where or how or what to do try chanting it out. Meditation is all about vibration. The goal isn’t to stop your thoughts but to raise your energy to a heightened level. Preferably to match the vibration of your soul-self! Using a mantra and repeating it over and over is a chant. Try to keep your mantra simple as possible. Good ones to start with are OM or I AM that, I AM. 

  1. Journal it out.

I am an avid journaler. I talk to Heaven through my journal. It is a calm place to express and to listen and write out what Spirit has to offer. I will also write my personal prayers or mantra I am working with in my journal. I find it’s a great accountability partner to have near me. You can use The Goddess You Journal or The Believe Journal to start with! 

Second: I am sharing December’s Divine Forecast below, which officially launches to Angel Members in January, this the newest addition to my Angel Membership. I wanted to offer you some extra love and support as I am so grateful that you are part of my community. 

What you will find in each monthly Divine Forecast is a channeled painting and overview of the energy for the month ahead. There are so many lovely nuggets of goodness that the Divine has to share, I know you’re going to love them as much as I love to channel them!

December 2020 Divine Forecast

As we move out of the month of November and into December the Angels are showing that our world wide collective energy remains shaky, unstable and houses a continuation of people holding strong opinions and leveraging fear to prove their points.

While painting December’s 2020 Divine Forecast, the message spoken through each of my senses was that collectively we are being summoned to  return to faith. To honor these messages from the Divine, I’m calling December’s painting Angel Of Faith.

Angel Of Faith

The holiday’s bring up a duality of emotions.

While we miss and wish our departed loved ones were with us, we also cherish the memories that we’ve shared with them. Be aware that this month has a heightened energy for releasing 

Our bodies hold emotions. The wisdom from the Angels enlightens us to an understanding that as the body holds emotional energy of the past and present, it can also be free of and healed from painful emotions that block our innate Joy.

Though  collectively we may be willing away 2020, as it has been a painful year, we are also being guided to return to faith and hold space for love to fill in the crevices and cracks this past year has left behind. 

As you and I welcome the first day of December in, collectively we are going to see a continuum of fear rising to the surface. Challenging relationships and past drama’s are sure to knock at your door. The remedy is awareness of fear and the choice to love and nurture ourselves. 

This month is normally a social month, with parties, gatherings and celebrations.

This year rings in an uncomfortable experience of stillness and having you questioning how you will spend the Holidays. Depending on your energy this can call on fear to manipulate and confuse your thoughts. Faith will hold you as you move through decision making, if you pause to feel past the emotional warfare that evil is using to manipulate the collective, you can invite the vibrational energy you want to experience to move into its place. This is because we are in the time of the Healer, and as we are all healers we are seeing fear rise in all areas as it’s being transmuted to love. Lean on your faith by consciously choosing to be aware of your emotional standing, 

In December’s painting you can see an Angel with a single evergreen tree.

The significance of this isn’t as a Holiday symbol rather as a spiritual one. Evergreen’s represent immortality, survival and eternal life. The Angel is looking slightly upward as she is graced with the presence of The Holy Spirit. She is glistening with the radiance of purity. Faith is the golden glow you see floating effortlessly and abundantly as she leans into The Holy Spirit’s loving rays. This painting reminds us to look upward to God for guidance, clarity and stability as we return to faith, and bask in the infinite truth of our Divinity. You are an infinite being here to expand and glorify God. 

May the blessings of the Lord fill your life with abundant love and joy! 

xx Jeanne

Healing Transmission For Trauma

This weeks Divine Healing Transmission is for Trauma. All you need to do is find a quiet spot to sit and be still for a few minutes, with your Believe Journal by your side.

Trauma unhealed leads to the manifestation of a physical response in our body.
We can spend years going to therapy or other healing modalities and still not feel how we want to feel. What we do instead of connecting inward with our desired feeling is this… we chase the feeling we desire.

This is why we have habits such as overeating, drinking a goblet of wine or eating a shit ton of junk food. Seriously, if you know me at all, you know that I did all of these and suffered from the yucky aftermath of the binge.
It’s not that I did those things that I wanted to point out, it’s that I was chasing a feeling…. that’s the part I really want you to get. The red wine and sugary snack attack never satisfied me. I am sure you can relate with this on some level. It may be spending, gambling even OCD type of lists, organizing and fixing things or others can all be part of the chase to feel.

The thing is we chase after feelings all the time. We all want to feel what our interpretation of good is. Right?!

And look, everyone we know has encountered some form of pain, either from an emotional, physical or mental experience. Sometimes it can be all of these, depending on our souls journey. Our incarnation in this physical realm is about our souls evolution. With all growth there is going to be learning, challenges and change.

Knowing this, now we can really dive inward to look at the feelings we are seeking from the outside world. Which, by the way we will never find outside of ourselves.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

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{Healing Transmission} Divine Healing For Your Heart Chakra

Hello Lovely,

Welcome to my first video Divine Healing Transmission! I’ve been working with my Angels & Guides on crafting a format to share Divine healing for the collective.

Today’s theme is Healing for your Heart Center.

The video’s I am creating are a virtual sacred space for you to receive channeled healing energy from The Holy Spirit. The method I am using to channel is similar to the way I connect to Spirit during my medium readings. For over a decade I’ve been sharing these healing transmission in private session and in person healing events. During the in person experiences I will be guided to place my hands on or above the person I am working with as the channeled energy flows through me to the client. Though I do not have a medical background, Spirit will often imprint messages and tones that are helpful in diagnosing, confirming or radically healing pain points with my clients.

Similar to an in person session these virtual transmissions offer you a physical experience.

The delivery of energy flows through my being and outwardly from my chakra points. The hand movement I use, is similar to Autonomous sensory meridian response know as ASMR. ASMR, if you aren’t familiar with it is an auto sensory meridian response, that’s is felt as a heightened sensation inside your body. You body responds with tingling and warming.

What you might experience in this Divine Healing Transmission:

Warm, tingling sensations.

Heightened emotions.

Easeful breathing.


Release of energy.

Angel or departed loved ones.

You don’t need to do anything other than to find a comfortable place to sit and be still. I do encourage you to have your journal and pen nearby and to take time to write down your experience.

When you are finished watching the video, please take a moment to share your experience or ask a question in the comment section.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

Are you a sensitive soul?

Have you ever felt this way… that you just don’t feel like you fit in and you’re in some way different from others?

Are you so sensitive to energy that it caused you to retreat inward in an effort to maintain some semblance of balance for your life? 

I too have felt this way and more. There were even times that I felt so low I wondered why I was even on this earth. 

Navigating our life is challenging enough, add in the ability to feel energy whether it be on the outside of your body or internally, you have a whole lot of highs and lows to decipher. The hard part is, when you don’t know why you are feeling the way you feel, you can’t stop the low vibes from coming at you. 

Being a sensitive soul is no joke. 

As you’ve heard me say a million times, Angels Don’t Lie. This statement came about when I first started working with my gift publicly. Even though I believed in the messages and experiences I had, I lacked self-confidence in describing how I received and knew what I knew. I turned to my Angels for support and love. That’s how I made it through every negative emotion that showed up. I leaned into love, counted my blessings, held faith and walked with Jesus. 

Having a Holy experience changes us.

I’ve witnessed a single message from a departed loved one that saved a young girl’s life, and offered hope to a terminally ill woman. The miracles I’ve seen are beyond our physical reality, they are God’s gift in miracle form. 

Life is filled with uncertainties and hardships, it’s also full of hope, inspiration and joy if we choose to see it.. 

Your life as a sensitive soul does not have to be lived in fear. 

Trust me, there are worse things in our world than being sensitive to energy or having a gift that we hide away out of fear or shame.

I believe the Holy Spirit guides us and if we allow it to, it can change our limited and fear based thoughts while healing our minds. Love promises while fear takes away. 

I can honestly say that without God and His Angels I wouldn’t have been able to publish my books, provide you with relief from grief, or share with you the teachings that have been passed to me from Source. I do all of this  by the grace of God and for God. Serving God is a choice, a clear conscious decision that I made. It is available for you to choose as well. 

Today I am inviting you to join me and God’s Angels for my Angel Healer training, by joining today you get levels 1 and 2 for the price of one training!

Inside this spectacular program I will share with you the process for safely opening your gifts and connecting with the Divine for living a soul inspired life. 

Level 1 is focused on self-healing. The training is modeled after my personal healing experiences and methods for working with Spirit, I also weave lessons taken from my books The Goddess You, and Believe . . .Angels Don’t Lie.  You learn how to work in alignment with God, with a clear focused intention. The tools and methods I share will support your heightened awareness of your own energy so that you can discern where your energy ends and another begins. This lesson alone will help free you from the burden of inviting in and carrying another’s energy that is not meant for you. I will lead you to explore the energies of things that serve you or deplete you and how you can bring in more of the high vibe energy that will support your soul expansion. And from there  move into the teaching of God’s Angels, the role that they play in your life and how to safely open the connection with them so that you can work in unity with The Holy Spirit.

Level 2 is focused on serving God. The training is an exploration of the energy in our world and from Source. I take you on a journey to Heaven, where you experience God’s Holiness, Angels, departed loved ones and more. In this sacred space your soul unites with your highest authentic truths. From there we move into how to safely work with channeling, messaging and healing with the energies that you connect with. With level 2 you begin to practice using the awareness and tools from level 1 in your outward relationships, both in intimate family relations as well as outside your inner circle relationships such as work and acquaintances. You will learn and practice ways to enhance the quality of your life and the lives of those around you, just by practicing your own alignment with your inner being. As you begin to flow with more ease in your relationship with yourself, it naturally flows outward and you begin to see an opening where there may not have been one before. As with level 1, the focus is on God’s love and the continual healing of the blocks within our physical being.

The Angel Healer training is not about being something you are not, rather it is about claiming who you were sent to this earth to become. It’s about healing the pain, separation and untruths that you’ve grown accustomed to living with. 

Heather, an Angel Healer alumni shares her experience with you: 

The Angel Healer training opens you up to your gifts and a world of possibilities. Jeanne is a woman who teaches from God’s love and that immediately resonated with me. She teaches you to walk into who you are fully, all while helping you heal. Every training I learn deeper and get to another level just like an onion. She teaches in a way that is easy to understand and she has so much knowledge on so many topics. I love the way she weaves it all in, it truly is all about body mind and soul. I always leave wanting more and can’t wait to hear what she has in store for us next. She will help you step outside of your comfort zone surrounded by a loving community. She respects where you are in your journey all while helping you get to the next place in it, and then the next place and so on.  

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Grieving The Toxic Relationship

There are complicated emotions and feelings that arise from the loss of a loved one, especially when one is  grieving the loss of a loved one who has caused pain and suffering to you and others during that soul’s life.

Grieving the toxic relationship, one that has left the scars of emotional and or physical wounds brings you down the path of engaging in the memories and events. The abusive relationship stares directly at you as you try to sift through the memories and unfinished business that aid your inner turmoil and end up fueling Shmego’s fearful tone.

The loss relationship deepens the internal conflict of ones private pain carried within the body, which  challenges the natural course of grief from flowing. This is where the block is becomes the wall keeping you hostage in fears prison.

Grief as you may know is also known as bereavement. Bereavement  is the state of a responsive being caused by a loss or a death.

Just a little side note that not all grief is caused from a physical death. Grief is a multi-layered response to loss and comprise physical, emotional and energetic energy.

Grief can be felt and experienced within all the human senses. This is why grief is complicated and unique to each soul.

Spirit offers messages and insights about abusive relationships and how it pertains to grief.

When a person is subjected to abuse, the pain of that relationship is centered around the actions of the abuser.

The victim is then predisposed to fear not only from within but also the energetic fear from their abuser. Separating from abusers fear is challenging to say the least.

Spirit says in order for healing to occur one must be accountable for their actions, reactions and the energy they omit.

To heal grief of any kind especially if you are grieving due to a trauma you must first heal your relationship with your Goddess Soul-Self.

Within The Goddess You twelve principles you will find your pathway to healing what ails you.

Surrender your past over to the Divine, Quiet the tones and memories that hold you in the pain.

Self love will be your pathway to hearing the Divine speak to you.

Forgiveness frees the energetic connection to the abuser.

Taking control of your actions and reactions by inviting love in and calming the feelings of isolation, anger, loneliness, sadness, grief.

Clearing your energy of the old while being in the moment of now.

Releasing the chains to past pains that are the blocks.

Letting go of the stories causing you to stay in the grief like its ground hog day over and over again.

Paying attention to your physical body the energy within your being.

Knowing what serves your well being and what doesn’t serve you.

Be Calm.

Picking yourself up when you crash and not kicking your self when you’re down.

Aligning to your mind, body and spirit.

Listening to your inner intuitive voice.

Today we breached a topic that is not easily discussed. I know first hand of the pain one can carry around from not healing ones grief. I have seen this type of grief cause by physical and mental aliments, illness and even death.

When I ask the Angels about why this happens in life, and why souls will suffer at the hands of another the answer I receive is not easily understood by many but truly the answer to heal ones life. The Angels say repair the relationship with God. The separation from soul to the Divine is where the pain keeps us isolated and in fear. Inviting Divine love is our free will, and is why we are here, To remember God.

Don’t go it alone!


xx Jeanne

Inspired Intuition

Inspired Intuition

Have you ever taken notice of how you feel when someone or something sparks your interest? Maybe a speaker or teacher who’s message touches you deeply, and then how you later invite that energy in and form it into your very own by trying, buying, joining or creating something from that energy. It’s amazing how the new energy was born from that little initial spark of curious energy. The Angels tell me this energy is called Inspired Intuition.

Inspired, the Angels say is Divine energy that is gifted to assist you. This energy can integrate into your body and energy and lead to your very own spark of inspired intuition.

During recent readings I’ve given, Spirit has come through with messages that surround this very tone of guidance and Inspired Intuition.

What I hear most through the veil from loved ones is the sorrow they feel for causing pain to their loved ones from actions or life choices they’ve made. The amazing healing that comes from hearing an apology or that your loved one takes on all the responsibility of the pain you feel in life can and will inspire a spark of new growth.

Grief, I can tell you, is not so simplistic, and can be the block that keeps you stagnant and disconnected from your inner guidance system called intuition. Grief isn’t just from loosing a loved, it comes from the separation of love and truth of who you are. Grief from life issues and events cause our inner and outer sufferings.

Angels will provide you with inspired incentives over and over again until you pay attention. Books, people, magazines, movies, classes you name it and I am sure that if the energy is inspiring then the Angels have done it. Why would they do this time and time again? Because God loves you, and he has given you free-will to choose how you live. He has also provided you with opportunities to choose love, to choose your greatness to choose your intuition over the fear.

One reading that stands out for me was for women who the Angels showed me had been in a loveless marriage for years. My client confirmed that she was recently divorced and feeling very lost and not knowing what her next move was because of living so long with a man whom she knew was unfaithful time and time again. My clients mother came through at the very beginning of the reading showing me signs of isolation and how she didn’t interact much with her daughter during her life. I also was shown the isolation was why my client was living in this situation in her present life and how she was self sabotaging her happiness and also causing her disconnect from her intuition. What happened that inspired her to leave came from a spark of energy, a realization if you will. She decided to have an affair. The affair as the Angels showed me was to fill the need of lack of love she had felt not only during the marriage but as it turns out from her childhood. This was a life lesson for my client.  The reading revealed many messages from her mother of sorrow for how she treated her daughter in life. She let my client know of her immense sadness and wishes that her daughter would not carry around the painful memories of the childhood anymore. She spoke to her daughter about forgiveness of the childhood and of the affair and the importance of the energy and how letting go would free the block that caused the disconnect from her intuition. My client could see and feel the shift of energy from these messages and truths and how the choice to have an affair was actually filling a longing and need she was not aware existed. Her mom also spoke about how in life she would have never believed in Angels or messages from loved ones or in God for that matter, my client confirmed this as her mother continued on speaking of how God has given the gift forgiveness so she can remember love. The mother told me that my clients relationship with God was of the upmost importance, that was miracle moment in the reading!

You can see how this reading was more than just a simple connection to how my clients mother passed away, rather it was multi layered reading with guidance and healing messages. It is my clients free-will to choose to be inspired and ignite her God given intuition.

And that my friends, is the beauty of how God works his miracles for you to heal, grow, learn and evolve.


xx Jeanne

Wintery Blues

February is a difficult month for many people. Seasonal depression, winter blues or whatever you find comfort in calling the oh so common drop of your energy during the winter months. One of the best ways to pick yourself up is to implement a new well-being plan.

My recommendation for you is one I propose to my clients and is the similar simple plan I have been following for the past several years. The plan comprises eating a large, and I when I say large, I mean LARGE variety of Live Foods throughout the day. This is not only a salad at lunch or veggies on the side of your over sized protein, rather your focus is on the Live foods. Yes, yes protein is necessary you are right. But also too much protein and not the healthy kind of protein can and will make you sluggish. Not merely in how you feel but additionally in the potty department! Yikes, nobodies got time for that! Live foods will clear up the pipes so you’ll have a nice healthy potty life, instead of the alternative, over or under visits to the thrown.

What are Live Foods you may ask, well, they are foods that have not been processed at all, in any way. Rather, they are foods that have the nourishment of the elements of the sun, water, and earth. Fruits, veggies and Superfoods are the Live Foods that are jam-packed with vital nutrients, vitamins, minerals and contain energy that will sustain your body by nourishing it with what it is lacking.

Live foods and Superfoods are my go to’s for feeling fan-freakin- tastic. Salads, raw soups, veggie dips, smoothies, roasted, and steamed are some of the methods you can use to increase your intake of these powerful healing foods.

Exercise of your mind and body are likewise essential in raising your vibrational energy. A clear mind comes from a clean diet. Sugary foods and drinks cause the brain to overwork and fog over. Eliminating these energy stealers is an absolute must for your mind, body and soul to function at your highest vibrational energy.

“Despite sugar wreaking havoc on our liver’s, metabolism, brains and hearts, it still seems to be a very “acceptable” thing to be addicted to in American culture, whereas much as 80 percent of our food choices contain sugar” according to Laura Schmidt, Ph.D. of the University of California, San Francisco.

If you are feeling sluggish, down in the dumps, wintery blues or stuck on a fad diet trying to feel better, please take the advice I am offering you today, by adding Live foods and Superfoods into your diet and eliminate the energy stealing foods that have been dragging you down, you will find a renewed sense of well being and energy.

*Reminder that it’s always wise to talk to your doctor before implementing a new health regime, especially if you are taking medication or have health issues.


Energy Stealing Foods:

Processed food: All foods that are man made or foods that have been altered from its original form. This includes your packaged snacks and baked goods. Here is excellent information from one of my mentors Kris Carr.

Carbs and Starches: These guys are good for you, however over indulging in starchy foods increase the bodies sugar levels which aid in feeling sluggish Think palm of the had size portions! Read up on the dangers of overindulging in sugary foods.

Alcohol: Lowers blood sugar which influences your bodies insulin levels and organs especially liver function. Basically your liver cleanses your blood and produces bile that helps your body break down foods, sugars, medication and toxins found in processed foods. A fatty liver is a serious condition that begins when your liver is overworked and clogged and can also result in other serious health issues. Read up on the liver here.

Soft drinks and juices: think diet soda drinks are better? no siree’  they are far worse than you imagined: Check out this informative post on soda and cancer.


Eliminating the energy stealing foods replacing them with Live foods and Superfoods are vital for your body to begin restoring and healing itself.

Whether choosing to go with conventional medicine, medication, talk therapy, vitamin therapy, or the holistic approach with a happy light, complex nutrient based food, herbal or energy medicine your diet and mind set will play a vital role in restoring your balance.

“Body energy comes from what your put into your body.To maintain your body’s healthy vibration, know what foods serve you, know how to manage stress, exercise and practice meditation. Spirit or soul energy comes from your faith and spiriutal connection” The Goddess You


Jeanne’s go-to Superfoods

Turmeric: With power packed nutrients it also works with your body to reduce inflammation which aids with pain associated with chronic inflammation!

Spirulina: Detoxes heavy metals, candida yeast, lowers blood pressure and is anti cancer!

Gogi Berries: Super antioxidant, high in protein, Vitamin C and vital nutrients the body needs for restoring cells.

SeaWeed: High in protein, minerals, Vitamin C, anti viral, anti bacterial, natural iodine, regulates hormone levels.

Raw Cacao: High levels of Antioxidants, packed with magnesium, calcium, cleans the blood, aids in digestion and is high in healthy fat.

Bee Pollen: Anti viral, anti cancer, aids in infertility, cleansing the blood, adrenal fatigue and maintaining healthy weight.

These are just a small sampling of the Superfoods I work into my diet each day.

Many Blessings for a healthy and happy you!

xx Jeanne