What You Will Find Inside Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

I’m Overjoyed to Announce

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie is now available as an audiobook. The best part is you can get it NOW on Audible, and is free with a 30 day membership! 

This is my first Audible publication and it was hard and yet so much fun to produce with my new friend Tracy Walton, owner of On Deck Sound Studio. 

I loved writing this book, working with my Angels always inspires me to go beyond what the physical world has taught us. In today’s blog I am going to dive into what you will find inside while reading or listening to Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie

We are magical souls capable of healing our greatest source of pain with angelic guidance. In this book I share insightful and intimate details from some of my client readings, healing sessions, miraculous healings, and heavenly messages. These are intended to assist you in freeing yourself from energy that no longer serves you, while healing your pain and suffering. 

You can connect to the Divine realm, along with the Angels and celestial beings within it, to live your purpose-filled and meaningful life. 

This book gives a celestial view of how God’s heavenly Angels want to be your guide in healing. They want to raise consciousness–both individually and that of the collective. 

The Angels say that life is a beautiful privilege meant to be cherished and lived well, even with the bumps and turns in the road. 

Lovely, now is your time to love yourself, and live your best life by going through the steps that I’ve mapped out for you inside the pages of Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie!

This book is filled with Spirit’s inspiring messages, guidance and Divine love that will support you living your miraculous life.


The Miracles Within

 Chapter 1 Angels:: Miracle  … Angels have your backs

Chapter 2: Know Our Souls Truth: Miracle  … You are an infinite soul

Chapter 3: Divine Christ Energy: Miracle … Love supports you

Chapter 4: Our Highest Good: Miracle … Faith heals your fear 

Chapter 5: Our Life Path: Miracle … Forgiveness frees

Chapter 6: The Personal Moral Code: Miracle … Compassion reveals truth

Chapter 7: Gifts and Talents: Miracle … You are Love

Chapter 8: Pure Of Heart: Miracle … The gift of connection has always been within you

Chapter 9: What God Wants Us To Know: Miracle … You have the ability to manifest your desires

Chapter 10: How Love Can Support Us : Miracle … Miracles are available to you

Chapter 11: Saints and Sinners: Miracle … You have free will

Chapter 12: From The “I” to the We”: Miracle… Love heals

Chapter 13: Love Spark: Miracle … You are meant to be here

Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie, illustrates

How our desire to know our souls’ purpose leaves us feeling empty, alone and repeating patterns that no longer serve our well-being. 

Our soul’s have a natural craving to be in alignment with our authentic self, yet in our high-tech world we seek outwardly for advice and answers for our souls’ longing only to receive confusion in return for our efforts. Why? Because we have been taught to believe in the physicality of our world, not the Divinity and mystical energy that the Angel’s want to share with us.

Enjoy this sample.

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The Miracle In Blessing Your Messy

In my first book The Goddess You, I shared with you this analogy I use to describe the crazy messy times in my life. These things come in waves of 3, I refer to them as my big 3’s and my little 3’s. 

Can you relate to things coming to you in 3’s? 

Maybe you’ve noticed, I’ve been a little quiet with my blog, podcast and on social media lately?  

As 2020 would have it, I’m currently in a big 3’s phase. People often think because I work with Spirit and the Angels that I am immune to having hard or bad stuff happen in my life. The truth is, we are all going to have shit go wrong, things to work on and challenges to navigate through, No one is immune to life happenings, not even me. 

For me, it’s about how I choose to go through the thing at hand. I can fall apart, cry, blame or fight the pain. OR. I can find joy, lean into love and up my spiritual practice. No, it isn’t easy, but it is a must for me to choose love over fear. When faced with life altering events, I look to my spiritual practice to replace fears tones with love’s promises. I go inward to bless my messy. 

Obviously we are all under a great deal of stress with Covid running rampant again. 

Inside this week’s blog I have two yummy tools for you to uplevel your spiritual practice and a secret project that I’ve been working on for my Angel Membership… It’s a monthly Angel Forecast.

First up my top 5 Recommendations To Up-Level Your Spiritual Practice

  1. Schedule It.

I’ve found that scheduling my meditation and yoga helps me to stay focused and committed. Pick a time, preferable the same time everyday to meditate. I choose towake early, I’m a 5 am gal. There is something so magical about meditating as the sun rises. The quietest part of the day works wonders for your meditation!

  1. Leave your device out of it.

Let’s be real here… our phones aren’t our best friends. They actually hinder our ability to quiet our mind and interfere with our energy. Leave your device away from you and you will find peace and calm just like I do! 

  1. Don’t give up.

I know the struggle is real to quiet your mind and be still. Start slow and stay with it. I’ve found beginning with a prayer of protection and a mindfulness routine supports my meditation. 

  1. When in doubt chant it out.

When you don’t know where or how or what to do try chanting it out. Meditation is all about vibration. The goal isn’t to stop your thoughts but to raise your energy to a heightened level. Preferably to match the vibration of your soul-self! Using a mantra and repeating it over and over is a chant. Try to keep your mantra simple as possible. Good ones to start with are OM or I AM that, I AM. 

  1. Journal it out.

I am an avid journaler. I talk to Heaven through my journal. It is a calm place to express and to listen and write out what Spirit has to offer. I will also write my personal prayers or mantra I am working with in my journal. I find it’s a great accountability partner to have near me. You can use The Goddess You Journal or The Believe Journal to start with! 

Second: I am sharing December’s Divine Forecast below, which officially launches to Angel Members in January, this the newest addition to my Angel Membership. I wanted to offer you some extra love and support as I am so grateful that you are part of my community. 

What you will find in each monthly Divine Forecast is a channeled painting and overview of the energy for the month ahead. There are so many lovely nuggets of goodness that the Divine has to share, I know you’re going to love them as much as I love to channel them!

December 2020 Divine Forecast

As we move out of the month of November and into December the Angels are showing that our world wide collective energy remains shaky, unstable and houses a continuation of people holding strong opinions and leveraging fear to prove their points.

While painting December’s 2020 Divine Forecast, the message spoken through each of my senses was that collectively we are being summoned to  return to faith. To honor these messages from the Divine, I’m calling December’s painting Angel Of Faith.

Angel Of Faith

The holiday’s bring up a duality of emotions.

While we miss and wish our departed loved ones were with us, we also cherish the memories that we’ve shared with them. Be aware that this month has a heightened energy for releasing 

Our bodies hold emotions. The wisdom from the Angels enlightens us to an understanding that as the body holds emotional energy of the past and present, it can also be free of and healed from painful emotions that block our innate Joy.

Though  collectively we may be willing away 2020, as it has been a painful year, we are also being guided to return to faith and hold space for love to fill in the crevices and cracks this past year has left behind. 

As you and I welcome the first day of December in, collectively we are going to see a continuum of fear rising to the surface. Challenging relationships and past drama’s are sure to knock at your door. The remedy is awareness of fear and the choice to love and nurture ourselves. 

This month is normally a social month, with parties, gatherings and celebrations.

This year rings in an uncomfortable experience of stillness and having you questioning how you will spend the Holidays. Depending on your energy this can call on fear to manipulate and confuse your thoughts. Faith will hold you as you move through decision making, if you pause to feel past the emotional warfare that evil is using to manipulate the collective, you can invite the vibrational energy you want to experience to move into its place. This is because we are in the time of the Healer, and as we are all healers we are seeing fear rise in all areas as it’s being transmuted to love. Lean on your faith by consciously choosing to be aware of your emotional standing, 

In December’s painting you can see an Angel with a single evergreen tree.

The significance of this isn’t as a Holiday symbol rather as a spiritual one. Evergreen’s represent immortality, survival and eternal life. The Angel is looking slightly upward as she is graced with the presence of The Holy Spirit. She is glistening with the radiance of purity. Faith is the golden glow you see floating effortlessly and abundantly as she leans into The Holy Spirit’s loving rays. This painting reminds us to look upward to God for guidance, clarity and stability as we return to faith, and bask in the infinite truth of our Divinity. You are an infinite being here to expand and glorify God. 

May the blessings of the Lord fill your life with abundant love and joy! 

xx Jeanne

Healing Transmission For Trauma

This weeks Divine Healing Transmission is for Trauma. All you need to do is find a quiet spot to sit and be still for a few minutes, with your Believe Journal by your side.

Trauma unhealed leads to the manifestation of a physical response in our body.
We can spend years going to therapy or other healing modalities and still not feel how we want to feel. What we do instead of connecting inward with our desired feeling is this… we chase the feeling we desire.

This is why we have habits such as overeating, drinking a goblet of wine or eating a shit ton of junk food. Seriously, if you know me at all, you know that I did all of these and suffered from the yucky aftermath of the binge.
It’s not that I did those things that I wanted to point out, it’s that I was chasing a feeling…. that’s the part I really want you to get. The red wine and sugary snack attack never satisfied me. I am sure you can relate with this on some level. It may be spending, gambling even OCD type of lists, organizing and fixing things or others can all be part of the chase to feel.

The thing is we chase after feelings all the time. We all want to feel what our interpretation of good is. Right?!

And look, everyone we know has encountered some form of pain, either from an emotional, physical or mental experience. Sometimes it can be all of these, depending on our souls journey. Our incarnation in this physical realm is about our souls evolution. With all growth there is going to be learning, challenges and change.

Knowing this, now we can really dive inward to look at the feelings we are seeking from the outside world. Which, by the way we will never find outside of ourselves.

May this transmission serve you today. And so it is, Amen.

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Truth Bomb

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Here is a little truth bomb for you, I experience moments of anger, judgments and fear just like you. I am not perfect nor do I pretend to be.

You see, I am human, not above or below you or anyone else. I am me, a spiritual, loving women who talks to Angels and loved ones on the other side of the veil, and the real me has pains and sorrows like yours, only different, because they are my very own reflections of personal fears. Your pains look differently, feel differently and are different, because well, they belong to YOU. I have passions and desires as you do as well. We are unique, yet alike because we are Gods children.

I love you because of who you are, period end of story. It’s a beautiful part of what make me, me. The gift God has bestowed in my being that I am able to see your true soul identity, you at your highest soul-self.

Truth be told though, I don’t always like the things you choose, and, thats ok, because you have your very own life experiences and journey to be on. You are a lovely and authentically brilliant soul who is deserving of love and respect.

But here in the land of human beings, love and respect are not easily shared because of that rat bastard Shmego’s fearful tones. You see, the jealousy, judgmental tones that fly around are similar to knives, and just like a knife will do when it is in use, it cuts up the love into little itty bitty pieces. Pieces that are so small they barely resemble love, in fact these pieces of micro love now bare a price tag in order to be felt. This is what is known as conditional love. Love that costs, which my friend is not love at all but fear, and thats how sneaky that little Shmego guy is, he will have you believe this is the right way to love.

Here is what is truth, God says that his love for you is eternal and unconditional. He loves you the same at all times. If you are feeling less than, God loves you. If you mess up, God loves you. If you fall, God loves you. If you cheat, lie, steal… guess what…God loves you. His love is endless and always the same, steady and true.

What I have witnesses as a Medium in sessions with my clients is how challenging it is for people in pain to experience love, pure unconditional love the pain becomes the stopping point to loving others completely and without judgement. The memories of the past become the pains in today.

The Angels have taught me that pain is emotional, physical and energetic. Pain is a reminder of something that has gone wrong within ones life.

The Angels say that the when you become isolated and separated from the Divine fear will manifest in many ways to keep you from the truth of Divine love. Therefore if one is suffering with an illness and in a great deal of pain and makes the choice to go it alone, separated from the original love the tone of the illness becomes louder and more focused on the fear rather than on the love. The love will lead you to the answers of why and what your souls lesson is in this instant. In truth the illusionary world fear creates for you is not an easy one to shatter and break free from. Yet it is easy at the same time. Crazy, right? This is because of free-will and your willingness to choose love over fear. It is not a one time choice though rather it is a moment by moment choice to allow love to heal and shatter the fear. It is also your willingness to recognize the lesson within the pain.

Pain when left to grow and flourish over time your thoughts are isolated and focus on only the pain and not the healing. Healing is not simplistic yet when you are willing to do the work, no matter how emotional and challenging the work is, your soul reveals the pains starting point. That is the key to all healing. Though healing can involve the soul leaving this plane to continue work on the other side it is essential for the souls journey in this life to heal the wounds and learn the valuable lessons so the soul can evolve to the next stage of its journey.

Self love is the soul can connect with the pain outside of the stories and fear. Self love ignites the souls purpose and clarity. Self love is your connection to Divine truth and Divine love. The fear begins to fade away as self love opens the pathway for your courage and strength which in turn leads you to the pains source. Your courage to stand in self love becomes the focal point and leads to the fears fading away. This gives you the strength to move forward with a clear path to learning and evolving in your souls truths. The resistance of fear will still challenge you, but your self love will hold you and restore you.

Here is what you can take away from this Angelic message and lesson on pain, pain can tell you a story if you open and listen to it. Pain can be healed. Pain is a lesson waiting for you to connect with it.



xx Jeanne