Spiritual Advisory Team

Spirit Speaks

I have had a lot of people ask what it is like to have a Spiritual team or guides. First I should tell you that you too have a team of guides, Angels waiting and willing to work with you.

Following the guidance of Spirit requires that I participate fully in our relationship. Having a Spiritual team is what I like to call a faith based Spiritual advisory team.

What you must understand about the relationship and guidance Spirit offers is that Spirit always comes from a place of love. Knowing also that the loving guidance is what will shift the life back into alignment with the soul while allowing the soul purpose to become in clear and in focus. The guidance is also taken on your free will. The will is the choice of your soul to accept the alignment or continue on the path you are on. Understanding that if the soul is not ready to move forward or learn the lesson or lessons within the path you are on, you can choose to stay right where you are. It is FREE WILL.

Inviting your Spiritual team in to work with you requires your faith. Ask and you shall receive. I remember when I first began to ask my team to help guide me. I had been praying for help for the shoe store I owned. Im not sure how to fully explain it , how I came to the place of surrender, how I “knew” to let go and let God take the wheel. I had been getting what I like to call nudges from Spirit. These nudges felt like a Spiritual poke in the gut. I would listen to some and ignore others. I found that when I listened to a nudge, life would be smoother.

Similar to intuition nudges will bring forth soul truths. The difference between intuition and Spirits nudges, is the tone in which they come through. Intuition comes from a place within your soul. It is part of you. The love voice within you! Spirits voice is outside of you, yet also be part of “knowing” and flow through you as love. Spirits tones are higher vibrational and speak in a different tone than intuition.
Spirits messages flow into your being where intuition will flow out of your being.

When you put into practice following your intuition it can:
Intuition can guide your life with your self truths and soul work.
Intuition can give you a gut feeling or knowing.
Intuition can open you to your soul work.
Intuition can guide you to compassionate living.
Intuition can be your souls guiding light to living life without ego running the show.

When you put into practice inviting your Spiritual team in to help guide you:
Your faith deepens.
Your prayers are answered.
Your team leaves you signs and symbols that YOU understand.
Your team supports you even when you don’t support yourself.
Your heart grows in compassion.
Your path becomes clear and brighter.
Your lessons are understood on a soul level.
You feel connected to the Divine in a higher vibrational way.
You know where you are to be of service.

The truth my friends it that when you follow spirits guidance you learn first hand that Angels Don’t Lie and the truths spirit speaks will always guide you towards love.

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