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Just as Spirit speaks in tones of love supporting and offering guidance, other life forms speak as well. Energetic waves of messages come offering us wisdom of the essence of its nature. Our essence speaks as well. Listening to the rythem of these subtle whispers of essence allows one clear insight. The insight can lead us down a road of purification, realignment and enhanced intuitiveness. Connection to the whispers comes to all who are willing to participate in a higher frequency of being.

The season changing into shorter days, cooler nights, leaves falling offers a unique time to begin the practice of tuning into the gift of intuition. Our intuition when energetically aligned with the Divine can be a guidance system for our well being. Your awareness shifts to your senses your senses open the passageway for the essence of life force energy to whisper to you.

What are these whispers and why should you listen. the whispers come to speak of what your body is in need of during this season, time or place in your life. The sensation a food speaking to you, a plant calling your name, the outdoors beckoning you. These are some of the whispers that come from the essence of life. Very different from the ego/fear mind guiding you to a self sabatoging activity or item.

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