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Worthiness is a sensitive topic for many women.

For starters we don’t necessarily see ourselves as feeling unworthy.

For me, I’ve come to find my own yucky unworthiness feelings rising up when I am uncertain, challenged or doubtful.

It’s so darn uncomfortable, no wonder I buried that yuckiness way down deep within my body.

I have two conversations on this topic HUGE and very IMPORTANT topic to share with you this week.

Why huge? Because if we don’t face the yuck we won’t find the JOY!

Why Important? If you don’t have JOY you aren’t able to attract what God has planned for you AKA your desires.

This month I will be celebrating my 55th birthday. My hubby and I will also be celebrating our 35th wedding anniversary at the end of the month.

Way back when I was in 12th grade, I signed up to take a trial course that my high school was testing out called LIFE. It included teachings from 4 main areas of education and was designed to support our life after high school.

Anyhoo, the point I was trying getting to, was we were given an assignment to write a paper about how we saw ourselves as our future adult selves.

While I don’t recall the exact age I chose, I remember thinking it was so old and how far off it was for me to see anything other than what I wanted at the time.

But I had to write this paper, and so I shared the vision I had of my boyfriend (now my husband) and getting married having children and the life we would build together.

Although It was missing key elements and was more fairytale like than reality I was proud of that paper.

Looking back now, I see clearly how I wasn’t ready to accept the person I was inside.

My identity was hidden behind the people pleasing and unworthiness I held inside.

I was unable to really connect with the full “postcard vision” God had gifted me and instead saw the parts I wanted, not the parts God had in store for me.

We all have “postcard visions” that showcase the truth of how our life is really meant to be lived.

Back in high school, I knew I would marry my boyfriend and have a family.

I was however unable to see myself of value.

To my teenage view, I was just a stupid girl who couldn’t even pass a basic math class, so how was I going to go to college or be successful.

Instead I saw myself as a wife and mother and that would MAKE me important.

What I do wish I had known then, was just how valuable, loving and supportive I was. And, how status isn’t what makes us worthy.

I know now that have been and alway will be worthy.

In this weeks Vlog I share why you need to connect with your worthiness now .

My gift to myself this year is support as many women as possible to break the cycle of unworthiness and create a healthy foundation for their souls growth.

Now, until August 18th, you can join my Angel Membership for $11.11 a month or 134.00 for the year.

If you’ve been waiting to join, this is your golden opportunity.


I hope you enjoy my Worthiness Vlog message for you 🙂

Let me know in the comment section how you connect to your worthiness!

I also had a super inspiring conversation on Angels Don’t Lie this past week with the owner of Empowered Girls Rise & Grown Up Girl Community, Stephanie LaBonte.

Stephanie shared a beautiful lesson she teaches in her weekend retreats. 5 Steps to Feeling Worth! Take a listen here.

5 tips to feel more worthy:

 1. Start to recognize without judgement some of the thoughts you are having about yourself that are negative. Thoughts like, “I’m not good enough”, “I am so stupid” or “I can’t do anything right” can creep in and take hold of your subconcious. 

2. Be curious about these thoughts. I caution against going with a positive thought because it will just reinforce the negative thought or make it feel impossible to attain. Instead ask questions about your thoughts. 

Where did you hear that before? Where did it come from? 

What do you like about yourself? 

How can you feel better? 

3. . Set Boundaries. Evaluate what is not aligned with who you really are.

Are you giving away too much of yourself? 

Does your routine not allow for you to take time for yourself? 

Are there people who are taking advantage of you? 

What boundaries can you put in place?

 4. Anchor in to your values.

What is most important to you?

Decide what your values are and only do what aligns with them.   

5. Give yourself extra self love and self care. It is a process and a journey. The side effect of doing this work is feeling more joy, freedom, love and abundance.  

I’m a big sharer, I invite you to share this post with your besties!

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Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne

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