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Vlog 7.31.20

Why you need to connect to your worthiness In today’s vlog I shared my Nadia Comăneci dream with you and a bit topic of worthiness.

God provides us with postcard visions of our truth.

They are meant to provide us with love, hope and fuel our faith.

But, life throws us curve balls that lead us to believing we are not worthy of that image. It’s exhausting feeling unworthy!

There is a much better way, God is holding space for us to BELIEVE in those postcards and big dreams.

It’s up to us to love ourselves HOLY!

I connect to my worthiness with God’s support and guidance. How do you connect with your worthiness?

CLICK HERE to listen to this weeks podcast with my guest Stephanie Stanton, we had a great conversation that takes the topic of worthiness to the next level!

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Have a Blessed Day

Xx Jeanne

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