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You have your very own Angelic team. Your Angels are here to gently guide and watch over you. 


I want to share some insights from a client whom I will call Jill.Jill was feeling lost and unsupported in her life. She was even doubtful that our session would even help matters. Jill had experienced a great deal of trauma as a child and it continued into her adult life. 


Jill  began drinking to cover her pain. Little by little her life began to unravel and her alcohol addiction soon grew to include drugs. She was angry and lost. Her marriage fell apart, and she could not care for her children. Jill was on the edge of living and had even overdosed on drugs. Her rock bottom came when her estranged husband suddenly passed away. Awaken to a new reality Jill had to clean up her act because her children needed a parent and a home. 


The day she came to see me, her Angels shared that Jill was in need of a love intervention. I wasn’t sure what they meant but as our session unfolded the pain from her childhood came to the surface and I knew she needed as much love as I could deliver. During our first session Jill’s departed mother spoke of how she had violently abused Jill as a little girl. Her pain began to unravel, bit by bit over the course of our weekly sessions love was brought through as they validated her experiences one at a time. Jill’s departed husband could shed loving light on his verbal abuse. Jill had experienced so many terrible experiences in her life that her addictions were what comforted her. 


The love intervention that happened during our time together was miraculous. This is how our Angels can help us heal our deepest sorrows and align with joy. 


Joy isn’t something you have to get or be. Joy is a gift, just as love is a gift. Aligning with joy is a beautiful way to uncover your soul’s potential.


We all have painful experiences to heal and I want to help connect you with your Angels and align with joy. 


On December 9th, I will help you align with your joy in just 5 days! I’m super excited to share how you can show up for you, your family, friends and the upcoming Holidays with a peaceful & Joyful Glow!


And the fun part is that the ANGEL MEMBERS club is open and you can enjoy the challenge for FREE!

That’s right you and your closest peeps can join me for  inspiring devotions and Angel love.

The Joyful glow challenge includes: 

👼 Angel Ceremony

👼 Devotional

👼 Mantra

👼 Guided meditation

👼 Angel message

👼 Journal prompt

I know showing up for yourself isn’t easy during the Holidays. You put yourself, your to-do list and others before your own well-being.

I’ve created a simple plan that’s so easy to follow, all you need to do is show up!

Join the Joyful Glow Challenge and see for yourself just how easy it is to align with love and feel good!


xx Jeanne



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