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An expert at harnessing the power of energy for transformation and healing. You excel at transmuting negativity into positivity.

You are one who promotes well-being, positivity and GOOD, even during the times that you aren’t feeling your best.

You are a source of inspiration and wisdom, often providing valuable insights drawn from your personal experiences and spiritual practices. 

Though you are open to all things spirituality – you tend to approach with a sense of curiosity and introspection. 

Your friends, family and community come to you for advice – which is both an honor and a big responsibility. At times you turn to your oracle cards for guidance and support and receive validating signs that continue to spark your woo-woo side.

You are seen for your efforts, your engagement, love and charisma because you care so genuinely and fully. And while this is a beautiful asset, it is sometimes taken advantage of as well. 

While you are often drawn to the mystical realm and search for profound meaning, you also seek intellectual exploration and are rational and analytical. 

You are philosophically critical and inquisitive, but also remain open-minded. 

While you may not always be actively engaged in spiritual guidance, your occasional sharing of meaningful insights has a profound impact on those around you. 

You know that you are “open” to the idea of exploring and deepening your connection to the spiritual realm, but maybe the right opportunity has not come your way at the right time. Maybe you didn’t feel open enough to it. Or, most oftentimes – there are voices in and around you that make you feel like this path is not yours to walk, or that you would be made to feel “weird,” for trusting this direction.

As the Divine Alchemist- Your Heavenly guide is Phoebe.

The Divine Alchemist Phoebe was both  helper and a trailblazer for female ministry. She believed in equality for women serving God and went against the oppressive constraints of the patriarchal society. Phoebe was a leader and was entrusted by Saint Paul the Apostle to preach on his behalf. Phoebe with her unwavering faith and confidence will help you with awakening and aligning your senses to Heaven.

But, while you’re occasionally having intuitive insights and can feel the effects of energy, your experiences are not very consistent.

This can be caused by a multitude of things, mostly stemming from your sense of trust. 

When you receive intuitive downloads, you are TRUSTING what cannot necessarily be seen, heard, or otherwise known. This takes a core sense of confidence and belief in that which is not *physical.*

If you have a hard time believing in that which is not in the physical world, it is because our sense of faith and trust is wavering.

The signs, messages and downloads that you are sensing, but cannot quite interpret or fully download will pass  by if you do not learn HOW to receive these messages. 

And, if you are feeling alone in this journey – the chances of you leaning in decrease even further.

The Divine Alchemist when fully embodied and aligned will blend her Heavenly abilities with her earthly knowledge. 

In reading this, Divine Alchemist you know that you’ve been led here for profound clarity and next level connection. The Soul Shine membership will help you reconnect with your own inner wisdom and channel messages from your Angels, allowing you to awaken and live your Soul’s purpose. This is where you will join a community of like-minded members sharing similar experiences and journeys to yours; virtually meeting twice a month for community and safe space. When you’re on your soul’s path, joy is present and miracles are a regular occurrence.

Divine Alchemist, take the leap and discover the magic that awaits you when you open yourself up to the wisdom and guidance of your Angels. Don’t wait any longer; your soul is calling you to shine brightly and embrace the miracles that await you. Join SOUL SHINE HERE