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You are the Hidden Gem, an individual who rarely or never experiences the spiritual or holistic traits described in the quiz. 

You may not resonate strongly with empathic abilities, energy work, spiritual guidance, connecting with departed loved ones, or holistic practices. You tend to approach life from a more grounded and practical perspective and do not actively seek or engage in spiritual or holistic experiences. 

While you may not align with these particular traits, you contribute your unique perspectives and strengths to various aspects of life. Your soul has come here to experience the duality of logic and the unseen mysteries of Divine.

And while you are a practical, logical, “physical-realm” thinker; you were still led to a quiz about your spiritual gifts alignment and attunement. I honor that for you! You took the PERFECT first step.

When we receive intuitive downloads, we are TRUSTING what cannot necessarily be seen, heard, or otherwise known. This takes a core sense of confidence and belief in that which is not *physical.*

If we have a hard time believing in that which is not in the physical world, it is because our sense of faith and trust is wavering.

The signs, messages and downloads that we would otherwise sense, but cannot quite interpret or fully download, will pass us by if we do not learn HOW to receive these messages. 

And, if we are feeling alone in this journey – the chances of us leaning in decrease even further.

As the Hidden Gem – Your Heavenly guide is Mary Magdalene. 

Mary is the first female disciple and a hidden gem of Divine love . Bearing witness to both the Crucifiction and Resurrection of Jesus, Mary was the chosen one to be the first to see Jesus in Spirit form. Though facts and truths may be what you rely on, Mary will support you with noticing that which is unseen. With her profound love and faith she will guide you in trusting your intuition and in receiving gentle guidance from Heaven.

In reading this, and taking this quiz you are acknowledging that you’ve been led here to awaken your senses and open to new possibilities. A great place to begin your journey of self discovery would be with my books The Goddess and Believe . . . Angels Don’t Lie. Each book offers guidance and support for uncovering and understanding your soul’s gifts.