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The Holy Priestess, a wise and insightful individual who possesses the gift of offering heavenly  guidance and support to others. 

As a Priestess you raise the collective consciousness and contribute healing energy to society in your own unique way by being a frequency of Divine love.

You are here to anchor the frequency of the divine feminine, to restore balance on our planet and support ascension through energetic shifts.

While you can appreciate structure, your connection to spirituality is fluid and artistic; you are enthusiastic and imaginative. 

You possess a sensitivity to the emotions and energy of those around you. 

This both came naturally and easily to you, and then again – not as easily.

You have WORKED for this gift and continue to WORK for it.

Working through your inner battles and working to raise your frequency to eliminate the voices in and around you that have tried their might to take you down. 

You have tapped your toe into many different energy modalities – from astrology, reiki, chakra balancing, meditation, yoga, to sound healing – you name it. You’re intrigued and drawn to these intricate dynamics and FEEL the influence on your physical, emotional and spiritual well-being.

You know that it’s part of your soul.

You know how to control the energy around you. (That’s not a bad thing!) 

That is the GIFT of using your SKILLS to create positive shifts in both your own life and the lives of others. Your presence is soothing and uplifting, making you a natural healer and energy worker.

Your friends regard you as their “master advice giver,” the “pure of heart” and “deeply genuine” friend.

Your innate healing abilities allow you to feel and understand the joys and sorrows of people as if they were your own. 

You offer profound wisdom, support, and guidance to those in need, drawing on your God-given, beautiful psychic & mediumship insights. 

As the Holy Priestess- Your Heavenly Guide is Deborah

The Holy Priestess Deborah was one of the most influential women in the Bible. She was known as a judge, warrior, poet, leader and prophet. Judges in the Bible were people chosen by God to guide and lead their people. Not only did Deborah hear God’s voice as a Priestess she openly shared His words with others. She led the Isrealites to victory out of bondage. She was known for her wisdom. Deborah will support you in hearing and following God’s word, in being courageous with your gifts, and in standing true to what God is calling you to do. 

Women who are The Holy Priestess  Archetype are multifaceted healers. As a warrior of Divine love you support others in a healing victory over that which is oppressing them. Like Deborah, you  are the bridge between Heaven and Earth.

But, being a warrior of love and bridge between Heaven and Earth is a BIG responsibility. 

Being so receptive to both Heaven and Earth including  picking up on the energy of others, and receiving psychic imprints can be overwhelming and taxing; even anxiety-inducing.

Your heart is OPEN to giving and receiving – your mind and body are a channel for messages and guidance coming through.

As a woman who isTHIS connected you also need to be attuned to the highest frequency possible to ensure only that which is of God is coming through.

You also need to be CLEARED of blockages including any and all limitations that are holding you back from your  true Mediumship potential; trusting all that you are receiving and downloading is from God.

Gifted intuitives like you, need a community of other God-based gifted intuitives and mediums; like theMedium Mastery.

The Medium Mastery provides a safe space, free of judgment, where you can fully explore and discuss ALL of parts your life experiences (everything that makes you, YOU).

In this God-based Medium Mastery training, you will build connections that are emotionally fulfilling with a sense of belonging in a deeply nourishing community of like-minded and alike-experienced members.

In this you will find validation, understanding and support- reducing any feelings of isolation and self-doubt.

As you know your  learning journey is never over. You are constantly honing your abilities and expanding your knowledge through shared experiences and insights. Your soul needs a collaborative environment where you can foster growth and more depth in your channeling skills.

In reading this, you know that you’ve been led here for profound clarity and next level connection. Not all are ready, but you – The Holy Priestess, are.

This supports you with further developing your innate gifts and deepening your connection with Heaven and holy beings.

Holy Priestess, based on your quiz results we recommend that you register for a complimentary discovery call to learn more about your next steps. 

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