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Messenger of Light, you are the grounded and rooted mindset that brings stability and rationalness to all situations.

You are someone who, while adopting an open-mindset, can appreciate logical thinking and can tackle complex problems with a practical approach.

While you may not always be actively engaged in connecting to the energy of the world around you, you are not entirely closed off to it.

Though it might not happen daily, you have received moments of Divine guidance whether through a sign, an experience, or a dream.

You are logical, but curious. You are critical, but open-minded. You are analytical, but innovative. You are practical, but have room to be fluid and whimsical. You are assertive and strategic, but are open and curious to the deeper meaning of life and humanity. 

You may not consistently receive or convey messages, but you recognize the importance of your occasional experiences in bringing comfort to your own heart or to others during times of loss. 

As The Messenger of Light  Your Heavenly guide is Queen Esther. 

As a young, beautiful girl Esther is invited into the King’s harem. The King quickly falls in love with her and takes Esther as his wife. Though young, Queen Esther intuitively knew she had to hide her Jewish heritage from the King. When a decree came forth calling for death to the Jewish people for their money, Queen Esther quickly and boldly tells her husband the King that her  requests that she and her people be spared. The King grants her wish and her people are saved. 

Queen Esther, your Messenger of Light guide will support you in remembering that you are the light in challenging times. Though you may doubt your role trust that God has placed you in the situation for a reason. Call on Queen Esther for guidance especially when you are afraid, worried or lack confidence. She will help liberate you from all fears. 

While you’ve had a few intuitive insights and can feel the effects of energy, your experiences are rare and not very consistent.

This can be caused by a multitude of things, mostly stemming from your sense of trust. 

When you receive intuitive downloads, you are TRUSTING what cannot necessarily be seen, heard, or otherwise known. This takes a core sense of confidence and belief in that which is not *physical.*

If you have a hard time believing in that which is not in the physical world, it is because your sense of faith and trust is wavering.

The signs, messages and downloads that you are sensing, but cannot quite interpret or fully download will pass  by if you do not learn HOW to receive these messages. 

And, if you are feeling alone in this journey – the chances of you leaning in decrease even further.

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