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The Prophetess a modern-day female leader, inspired teacher and proclaimer of the Divine realm of GOOD.

You possess a profound and innate sensitivity to the emotions and energy of those around you, as well as the departed and Heavenly beings you connect with.  

This ability to commune with energy both came naturally and easily to you, and then again – not as easily.

You have WORKED diligently honoring this gift. Healing your inner battles and raising your frequency to eliminate the voices in and around you that have tried their might to take you down. 

You have journeyed this path – investing in yourself each and every step of the way. From courses to mentors, retreats and inner journeys; you have done as much as you can to live a life in soul alignment and personal power.

You have doven deeply –  journaling, dancing, singing, expressing, creating and inspiring others to do the same.

You are what can be regarded as a sage: a wise and compassionate soul who effortlessly connects with others on a deep emotional level. 

Those who connect and work with you find your guidance and messages to be healing and therapeutic (even when you’re not trying!)

Your friends regard you as their “master advice giver,” the “pure of heart” and “deeply genuine” friend.

As a Prophetess your innate healing abilities allow you to feel and understand the joys and sorrows of people as if they were your own. 

You offer profound wisdom, support, and guidance to those in need, drawing on your God-given, beautiful psychic & mediumship insights. 

You are WORKING towards fully embodying your soul’s call for the greater GOOD of humanity.

You feel a rush of excitement to further develop your gifts, clarify the imprints you are receiving while confidently  interpreting, deciphering and channeling the messages that you are downloading.

As The Prophetess, you are an effortless source of comfort, understanding for others.

You are utilizing your light  in this world and are well on your way to Mastering the precious gifts God has bestowed in you of channeling Heavenly messages, guidance and healing energy. 

As The Prophetess – Your Heavenly Guide is Miriam. 

She is the first female Prophetess in the Bible. Miriam was Moses’ sister and was instrumental in saving her baby brother’s life. Without her following God’s instructions he surely would have perished. Miriam was a force to be reckoned with. Miriam The Prophetess led the women of Israel to know and acknowledge the power of God and His love of them and of Israel. 

Miriam the Prophetess will support you by reminding you of how God’s hand is in every event of your life, no matter how insignificant or difficult it may seem. She will guide you to have courage regardless of your circumstances, because God has a plan for you and how you will share your gifts. 

As The Prophetess Archetype you are fully aligned to your soul calling and awakened to your gifts. Like Miriam you trust in God’s voice and lead others through difficult, emotional and physical challenges. 

But, as a woman who is THIS connected you also NEED  to be lovingly supported and attuned to the highest frequency possible to ensure only that which is of God is coming through.

As a Healer and Medium you too need a community of other mediums; where  sacred God-based methods are practiced. 

In a circle of fellow mediums and gifted intuitives, you’ll find validation, understanding and support- reducing any feelings of isolation or self-doubt.

Your learning journey is never over. Youare constantly honing your abilities and expanding your knowledge through shared experiences and insights. Your soul needs a collaborative environment where you can foster growth and more depth in furthering your channeling skills.

In reading this, you know that you’ve been led here for profound clarity and next level connection. Not all are ready, but you – The Prophetess, are.

The Medium Mastery provides a safe space, free of judgment, where we can fully explore and discuss ALL of our life’s experiences (everything that makes us, US).

In this Medium Mastery training, you will build lifelong connections that are emotionally fulfilling with a sense of belonging in a deeply nourishing community of like-minded and alike-experienced members.

With the safety of the God-based mediumship method that lovingly supports you with further developing your innate gifts and deepening your connection with Heaven and holy beings.

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Prophetess, your journey starts now. Based on your quiz results, you qualify for a complimentary discovery session with Jeanne. This 30 -minute phone session will provide invaluable insight into your next steps – guiding you towards a future filled with spiritual growth and enlightenment.

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Go all in: Embrace the safety and guidance of the God-based mediumship method, and watch as your innate gifts flourish like never before.  Find out more & register  for the next Medium Mastery here.