Lovely Soul, Here is your free Surrender To Love Meditation.

Meditation doesn’t mean you have to sit for hours. Just a few minutes twice a day will support you in feeling less anxious, worried and fearful!

Find a quiet space, sit upright with your spine straight and follow your breath inward.


Believe… Angels Don’t Lie Meditations

13 Meditation tracks that will support your well-being!

 Core Color Meditation

When you feel doubtful, uncertain or anxious, do the Core Color meditation to align with your Soul Self. The Angels guided me to develop this powerful tool to help guide you back into faith.

Surrendering To Love Meditation

This meditation will help you release fear and surrender to love with faith. It will help you to turn off the negative aspects that accompany being an energy sensitive soul.

360 Degree Meditation

This meditation will help you rise above challenges and shift how to see any given situation, while allowing you to change your perception to a love point of view.

Connecting To Your Root Chakra

This meditation will help you feel connected to your soul’s truth and your place on earth by opening your Root Chakra.

Love Healing

Try this Love Healing meditation when you are challenged by a person or situation—especially when you see fear begin to show up.

Pain Releasing 

When you feel physical pain, this Pain Releasing meditation provides relief while not shying away from avoiding what life is trying to teach you.

Clairs Meditation

This Clairs Meditation is specifically designed to help you get in touch with your dominant clair and supporting clairs.

Pure Of Heart Meditation

This Pure of Heart Meditation will help you to connect to your soul’s truth so you can discover your gifts.

Align and Release Novena

This lovely Align and Release Novena will open your heart center and connect with the God-spark within you. It’s a prayer that is practiced for 9-consecutive days for releasing energy that no-longer serves you.

Dream Palace Meditation

This Dream Palace meditation will support you in opening your Crown Chakra and inviting Divine, Holy love in.

Manifest With God

This exercise will support you to manifest with God and attract abundance into your life. As you put this meditation into practice regularly, you will find that manifesting your desires is easeful.

Twizzler Meditation

This Twizzler Meditation will help you separate and disconnect from the energy of others and past life events. Angels share this method for releasing cords will quickly restore your energy.

Soul Self Meditation

The Angels guided me to develop the Soul Self meditation. You will find a mystical experience waiting for you. Each time you use this meditation, you will experience a beautiful, loving, and heightened sense of being.