Powerful and Positive Experience

I first met Jeanne at Sassy Shoe, a neighborhood shop that she owned and operated in town. At the time, I was working at a local nonprofit, organizing community impact programs and principally coordinating the collection and distribution of clothing and school supplies to local children in need. Jeanne kindly hosted a fundraiser at her store to promote awareness and financial services for our program, and later donated dozens of children’s shoes to the charity after the store’s closing.

Several years passed, and I unexpectedly ran into Jeanne in town. She immediately sensed that I was struggling. My daughter had fallen ill and was silently suffering from a chronic, undiagnosed illness. I had left my work at the nonprofit to care for her, and she and I were both seeking answers and peace that medical doctors were unable to provide us. Jeanne immediately insisted that we visit her home the following day so that she could perform her healing techniques on my daughter. Our visit was overwhelmingly emotional, but through it all, Jeanne was gentle, loving, patient, and knowledgeable. We left with a profound sense of peace and hope for a future diagnosis, which we ultimately received from doctors less than a month after visiting with her.

When Jeanne opened her studio, I immediately began to follow her journey on social media, intrigued and fascinated by her incredible love and wisdom of Angels and God. I was raised in a Catholic home, inherited a strong appreciation for Angels from my late mother, felt an incredible connection to God through prayer, and was always looking for signs from loved ones who had passed.

My girlfriend and I attended a private reading at Jeanne’s lovely, tranquil studio, and three of my dear loved ones came through with beautiful messages of hope and faith. My nephew passed away as a young adult after a debilitating ailment slowly deteriorated his physical and mental health. When he, my mother, and grandmother came through in the reading, I expressed concern about whether the cause of his death could have been hereditary, thinking of the possible connection to my daughter. He assured me that his illness had actually been a viral infection. My mother and grandmother reassured me about my other concerns and grievances.

Since having such powerful and positive experiences with Jeanne, I truly look forward to these sessions and thoroughly enjoy her inspirational messages and wellness insights. Jeanne has sincerely enriched my life, and I am forever grateful for her knowledge, philosophy, energy, and goodness.

— Kathy Thomas

The Last time I Saw My Father Alive

“I am a wife, sister, daughter, and mother of two young children. I have experienced grief in my life, but never to the extent I felt in September of 2017. A week after his seventy-first birthday, my dad passed away.

I’ve always believed in God, Heaven, and Angels. I asked my dad in his final days if he was going to become an Angel. With labored breath, he said, “I don’t want to talk about that.” Then I asked if he wanted me to pray with him. He nodded, so we held hands and prayed together. I requested that God let him know how much he was loved, take his pain away, let him know we would all be okay if he had to leave us, and to show him beautiful healing light. That night, I left my dad’s bedside and glanced back for one more good-bye as he blew me a kiss. This was the last time I saw my father alive.

The lyrics of a song I listened to after his passing about wanting to make a father proud touched me deeply. When he was alive, he told me he was proud of me. He told me I was beautiful. He told me I was talented. I never listened; I brushed off his compliments, thinking he just said it because that’s what dads are supposed to say. I wish it hadn’t taken his death for me to believe him. But in the same breath, I am thankful to have received the Divine message of his pride in me. And that wouldn’t have been possible without Jeanne.

I have always been intrigued by spiritual mediums, and when I saw a local coffee shop was hosting a group reading, I read about Jeanne and immediately purchased my ticket. I was afraid to admit how desperately I wanted to hear from my dad. I told myself it would be neat to hear others connect with loved ones, and I believed that if no one came through for me, that would be okay.

When I arrived that night, I could feel something special in the air. Jeanne came to me and said there was a man there who wanted to talk to me and was telling me not to leave. I knew it was my dad right away. It shocked me that he was telling her to not let me leave, because I had been considering it. I had left my baby, whom I always put to sleep, at home for bedtime. When I had sat down, I’d thought to myself, if this is getting to be too long and she passes by me without any Angel messages, I may have to sneak out to get home to the baby.

While I wasn’t looking for “proof,” Jeanne had it, and many more points that confirmed to me my dad was there talking to her, like how he was standing up and pointing to his legs saying how great he felt. He had been in pain and unable to walk for a few years before he passed—but Jeanne had no way of knowing that.

The biggest message was when she told me he was beaming with pride for me. Hearing this reminded me of all the things he had said when he was alive that I didn’t take time to listen to. Hearing through Jeanne that he’s proud of me opened my heart in a way I didn’t know could be opened. The lesson I learned and continue to learn from Jeanne through her presence and her writing is that even though I didn’t appreciate my father’s words while he was here, I can find a new appreciation through her Divine message from him.

When my dad passed away, my grief felt like cement poured into my chest. It would hit me hard at random times and knock the wind out of me. But there is a reason that clichés like “It feels like a weight was lifted” exist. I know this to be true because that’s the feeling I experienced after hearing from my father through Jeanne. My life shifted, and my grief decreased because I became open to messages from Heaven. That night changed my life, and I hope that by reading my story and the other messages in this book, others can find comfort in truly believing that our loved ones are never far from us. God placed people like Jeanne on Earth to show us the truth in this.

— Caitlyn Doenges

Tragic and Sudden Loss

I came to see Jeanne Street for the first time shortly after the tragic and sudden loss of my husband of thirty-seven years. Our two daughters and I were devastated. His passing sent me reeling. The sadness was crippling. I couldn’t imagine my life without him. I knew from my very first meeting with Jeanne that, with her help, my broken heart could be mended.

The spiritual guidance, support, and loving messages that Jeanne conveyed to me began to ease my pain and set me on a path to healing. I soon realized that I had to rid my mind of the ever-present, fear-based thoughts; I needed to reconnect with God and let love in.

Jeanne’s first book, The Goddess You, became my guide. The principlesand action steps focused and empowered me. I began to rediscover my relationship with God. I learned to quiet my mind and listen. Prayer, meditation, reiki, yoga, journaling, healing sessions, and readings with Jeanne opened my heart and my eyes to the power of the Divine. Although Tom was no longer by my side in the physical world, he was still very much with me. Through his messages, I found relief. I was not alone, not broken. I had nothing to fear. I needed to be still, forgive, and call on the Divine for the help I needed. Everything was going to be all right.

I began receiving signs that were miraculous and comforting. It became clear that the bond Tom and I shared in life did not end with his death. One day, the covered dish in which I had often left Tom’s dinner shattered in a closed cabinet with no apparent cause. For several weeks, a brilliant scarlet cardinal greeted me with a song each morning when I walked my dogs. Most incredible of all was when I considered the removal of about twenty gangly perennials that were blocking the growth of a small lilac bush in my yard. They were well established, so removing them would be a great deal of work. I reluctantly decided I’d have to live with them. The morning after making that decision, they were gone! I could find no trace of them. My helpful husband was listening.

These signs were reflective of Tom in life. With Jeanne’s spiritual guidance, I opened my heart to these miracle moments and found both peace and joy in knowing he was still with me.

The insight Jeanne has gained through her own journey, coupled with her gifts of mediumship and healing, are blessings that she so lovingly and graciously shares with others.

Jeanne’s book, Believe…Angels Don’t Lie, will be a further testament to the power of both God and the Angels, who are always there to help and protect us. I am a very different person than I was when I met with Jeanne for the first time. While I am still healing from the trauma of losing Tom, I no longer see myself as a victim. I am a survivor. People deal with grief in many ways, some of which are solitary and self-destructive. I was determined not to take that route. While I will always miss Tom, I am working toward living the life he’d want for me and the life which God intended for all of us. When we face adversity in our lives, we also learn valuable lessons.

I will be forever grateful to Jeanne Street. I know that Believe… Angels Don’t Lie will provide inspirational stories of faith, healing and love on every page. If you open your heart to receive, I know that it will change your life”.

— Joanne Reynolds